Who pays for Real Estate Photos for a Listing?

You can either do your research and find a real estate photographer based on how you want your listing to be viewed or… you can let your real estate agents handle the images by using his or her contacts in the world of real estate photography.

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Real Estate Photography real estate photos real estate images nassau bahamas

Should you Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

There is a saying  “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This popular expression is especially important in the real estate market,…

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Real Estate Photography, real estate photos, real estate images, property photos in nassau bahamas by Rashad Penn Photography

6 Tips to capture Better Real Estate Photos with a Cell Phone

Given how much cell phone cameras have improved over the last several years, a realtor with a good eye for attractive images can take pretty good real estate photos with an iPhone or Android phone.

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vacation rental during covid in the bahamas

4 tips to Surviving covid-19 Bahamian Vacation Rental

what can you do to survive not only covid-19 lock down but to survive the aftermath of no bookings in your vacation rental in the Bahamas?

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real estate photography, real estate photos, property photos

How to take a 5 minute Vacation.

The sun was warm the breeze was cool, The sounds of birds chirping, tree leaves rustling in the distance and the calming…

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How to take better photos in Manual Mode?

The process is simple, Just ask yourself these three questions. The answers to each will determine what manual settings to use.

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3 Things you can do in Aperture Priority

To make it simple enough three things you can do with aperture priority are, create that nice blurry background called bokeh, make…

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Why you will Fail at Photography

Why you will give up photography Ok I’m not trying to discourage anybody but I’m just trying to say what I know…

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Photographer vs Photography

What do I mean by Photographer vs Photography?   Lets ask a different question. Why do you want to learn Photography? is it…

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How to take better Images of your Products – On a Budget

On a Budget DIY Product Photography   Ok so you make your own products for sale. That’s awesome, its great to be…

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