Why you’re failing to sell your Jewelry on Facebook

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I often visit Facebook pages of potential clients, mainly as a yard stick to see how the market is doing and how I can help businesses and companies grow. One thing I see over and over is a gross lack of understanding how to do business on Facebook.

Lets focus on Bahamian jewelry makers. These are locals with great skill and creativity when it comes to making natural jewelry. When I say natural I mean those that use items from nature like seeds, shells and other things.

Added to this category are those who use beads, copper and other materials that they have to purchase before making their Bahamian mad jewelry.

I often wonder if they realize that they are all failing to sell their jewelry using Facebook. Don’t get me wrong Facebook is not the problem, its a great platform for reaching your potential customers and communicating with them. Its just the use of it is all wrong hence they get little to no response from customers.

Here are some reasons why you’re failing to sell your jewelry on Facebook.


1 – You post badly captured images of your product.

–  Bad photography is the quickest way to turn many of your clients away. Granted most of your clients wont know what is considered good from bad but there is that of chance that your competitors are posting much better looking images and then they can see the vast difference.


2 – You expect people to flock to your store or call you just because you post your latest creation.

– Sad to say this never works. Facebook is all about good interactive content, if all you do is post a photo with call for pricing you’re really not expecting to get any calls at all. Bahamians do not use Facebook that way. You have to be more engaging with your fans.


3 – You don’t boost or run Facebook ads.

–  This has to be the most important think on Facebook. Things have changed drastically over the past few years on Facebook. There was a time when you could have just opened a Fan page and persons would flock to your page. Then every post you listed went to all your fans. Its not so anymore. You have to Pay to Play. Think of Facebook as a newspaper or magazine. The only way your business gets any notice is if you pay for an ad placement.  By the way to run successful ads you need better photos


4 – You don’t have a call to action.

– Call to action is marketing term used to simply say…What do you want your customer to do? When you make a post you ultimately want a sale on you work. So you give a description of your item and ask your fan to either like, comment or private message you. This is how you gain traction on building relationships with your customers.

This is so important I think it bears repeating. You have to post professional photos of your products. If you cant afford a photographer then learn how to do it yourself, properly. You can take good photos with your cell phone but there are rules to doing it. Use YouTube to search and find videos on how to take better photos using your cell phone. Below is one that I did a while back. You can also keep and eye out for photography classes that can help you understand the world of photography. Think about it which is better. paying a photographer each time to shoot your next product line or paying a one time fee to learn how you can take better photos.

Like my Facebook page and follow along for information on the next photography class that I offer. I also offer private classes and classes on using your mobile phone as a camera.

Now that you know why you’re failing to sell your jewelry on Facebook, you can begin to make adjustments and learn how to market yourself better.