How important is wedding photography?

Im not sure how I should answer this question. Technically when you think about it there are no important parts of a wedding, well save for signing the register to legally bind you to your spouse. Other than that everything else is just a want.

So I have to say if I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question in different ways I would be listed on the Forbes top 10 of wealthiest question answers of photography. If it existed.

Well let me be straight with you. If you have to ask this question that means you probably are on a tight budget. If you ask why is wedding photography in the Bahamas so expensive, then you obviously have never been to or have privy to the cost outside the Bahamas.  If you say Im only having a small wedding expecting a lower price again that says a few things to me and other photographers mainly that you probably don’t have enough in the budget to afford a wedding photographer.

Now I want you to take notice of something. I use the phrase wedding photographer to describe a person who of course is a photographer but has some skills in shooting weddings. Not all photographers know how to properly cover a wedding, this is very important. So firstly lets start off by giving the definition of a wedding photographer as someone who covers at least 6 weddings a year and has worked for at least 3 years in the business. That’s a very good starting point, very generous but a good starting point.

So lets get to the crux of the matter


whenever you ask certain questions it becomes a red flag towards the photographer because here is what we are hearing.

Im getting married on such and such a date. I have already gotten my dress, the men have gotten their suits. Our rings are paid for. Flowers and decorations are all in order. The church is paid for (if your not a member) We have registered our upcoming marriage. The reception location is paid for along with food and drinks. The Master of Ceremony and Disc Jokey is already dealt with all is in order but now I’m told I need pictures and I don’t have much money left.


So how should I feel about this? You got all things in order and now the only thing left is to find a photographer. Your issue is that Wedding Photographers are sooo expensive. They rip people off when all they have to do is press a button and take a picture. Heck I can do that with my cell phone. – Trust me I get this all the time

Lets look at a typical wedding carefully to ascertain which parts of a wedding are truly important.



Top 10 things found at Bahamian Weddings (not in any particular order)

  1. Bride and bridesmaids dresses
  2. Groom and Grooms Men Suit
  3. Rings
  4. Wedding Certificate
  5. Flowers
  6. Decorations (church and reception)
  7. Reception Hall (food drinks cake MC & DJ)
  8. Hotel (getting ready)
  9. Limo Services
  10. Wedding Photography


  • 1 – Dresses. Chances are you will wear that dress just once same with bridesmaids one time use
  • 2 -Suits – Most are rentals hence one time use.
  • 3 – Rings – One of the few things that you will have from your wedding day forward
  • 4 – Wedding Certificate – Another Item that will stand the test of time
  • 5 – Flowers – Usually dead and withered withing 3-4 days
  • 6 – Decorations – Back with catering company or thrown somewhere in someones back trunk never to be seen again
  • 7 – Reception – Nothing last here food and drinks gone in a matter of hours MC and DJ do their thing pack up and go nothing but a few stale jokes a few good ones and some dancing and cake.
  • 8 – Hotel – Usually done with before the wedding.
  • 9 – Limo – They pick up and drop off then they are gone
  • 10 – Photography with you from beginning to end and you get photos that stays with you for years.

What is the conclusion of it all?

The only parts of a wedding where you actual have something to remind you that you did get married are your Ring the wedding certificate and your photos. Every thing else fades within 5 days. Well maybe not the cake some folks keep a piece for a year.

Its amazing that you pay up front for just about everything but would rather pay last for photographs. What your telling me is you place your white roses and beautiful wedding dress above the photographic memories of you wearing that outfit. If this is the case maybe you ought to reconsider your priorities when planning your wedding. Spend your budget on things that you will have once all is said and done.