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My wife hates this photo by the way but I like it. I look happy because I am a happy person.
Rashad Penn is a Bahamian Photographer based on the island of New Providence also known as Nassau. He is a commercial photographer specializing in Real Estate Photography, Product Photography including Jewelry Photography, Drink Photography and Food Photograph and he also provides Home Décor and Bahamas Stock Images of the Bahamas. His most passionate genre of photography however is Fine Art Seascape Photography.

Born in The Bahamas and raised between New Providence and Grand Bahama, I was introduced to cameras by my father at a tender age and since that time I continually gravitated towards any camera in the home.

I was told that as a child I was obsessed with the outdoors and as an adolescent I retreated into books and developed a vivid imagination. In my teen years, I spent my days in outdoor and travel books like National Geographic and spent most of my time studying the martial arts. We all know what we like to do when we were young but we somehow allow society to dictate our paths into adulthood. Most of my life however have been centered around my childhood and adolescent dreams.

Throughout life I became intrigued with the ability of a photograph to transport me to a place or time I have never been. I wanted to make those images myself. I soon beckoned to the calling of photography and undertook official training with the New York Institute of Photography to better my understanding and skills of photography. I worked part time at My Atlantis Photos and studied under the tutelage of Anthony ‘Big Mo’ Morley. I engrossed myself in the craft and over the years I was able to hold a number of Bahamian photo walks and photography workshops under a social group I started called The Photographers of the Bahamas. Eventually, as my skills grew, my work became published as commercial photographer in Ethnic Vision magazine for Ridge Farms, and British Vogue Magazine for Autumn Crop Jewelry but since those early days, I have been published in various magazines worldwide.

My work as a Fine Art Photographer has traveled around the globe and is owned by persons from China, Sweden, London, Greece, Canada and various locations in the United States of America and have built an international fan base that stretches as far as India, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Although I may capture various images for my fine art photography portfolio I pride myself on being primarily a seascape photographer. I


I would like to shoot and practice photography because i want to and not because I have to.

Rashad Penn

Some of my accomplishments include; Winner of Scotia Bank Calendar Contest 2012 and 2013, completed a successful photography exhibition art show at Doongalik Studios called Bahamascape. Have a seascape fine art image listed in The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas permanent display. Worked for over two years with Ministry of Tourism Authentically Bahamian artist booth selling photo prints and products to tourist. Participated in the Wine and Art Exhibition at the National Trust from 2010 and won the Best in Show Award in 2015. I began teaching photography classes in 2014 and recently alongside a fellow photographer began classes with the Queens College Continuing Education.

As time progresses I find myself gravitating back to my childhood loves. It’s because of this I tend to focus my skills such as Outdoor and Martial Arts Portraits, Bahamas Travel Stock images, Seascape fine art images and Commercial Advertising photography. There is much more to come and I’m ready for it.









Great real estate photographer. I’ve used others but none compares to Mr. Penn

Barclay Widerski

Good work very professional.

Conor Gibson

Great photographer, I’m glad I was able to find him online.

Coriss Ambady