What do I mean by Photographer vs Photography?


Lets ask a different question. Why do you want to learn Photography? is it to become a photographer or just because you love it as a hobby but want to learn more.

Photography in its self is a fast growing community. Thousands of cameras are bought every year for many reasons from the traveler who wants better photos of their trips to the processional photographer upgrading their gear.

No matter your reason there are a few things you must consider once you have your camera in hand.

1. How Well do you know your tool?

The camera is a tool that helps you capture images of the things places and people you like. Knowing how it works goes a long way in capturing images that speaks to the idea you have in your mind. For example we all live different lives and see the world differently. To capture a sunset in the way you see it, you will have to make a few adjustments. Other wise if there are 5 people in the same spot taking pictures of the same sun at the same time and everyone has the same camera set to Automatic there will be nothing that would distinguish your image from the other four.

This is the reason why you should get to know how to manipulate your final image by knowing and learning how your camera works and how to tell a story with your image.

2. Know that Photography can be an expensive hobby.

Camera companies are in the business of making money. Hence their line up of camera and accessories are done in a way to cater to many different types of people Some may just need a simple point and shoot camera while others will need a top of the line camera body and lens. Unfortunately the higher up the camera chain you climb the more expensive the gear becomes. Beginners cameras can cost around $400 while a pro camera can cost well over $7,000 in the consumer end. Pro camera companies like Hasselblad range in the 5 figure category. $20,000 and up.

Oh and did I mention that was the prices are for the Camera body only not the lens.

3. It takes time and Practice

Although the technology in cameras these days are pretty advance, you have to realize that its not the camera but the camera operator. As a friend puts it, Its not the arrow its the Indian. I cant tell you how many times people approach me asking how to get better at photography. What they are essentially asking is what is the trick to getting better.

I’m sorry but there is no trick no magic button. The only way you can get better at the art of photography is to practice, learn, test, experiment and shoot shoot shoot every day. This process is what is known as developing your photographic eye. Once you have a good grasp of you camera gear and functions its all up to you to bring out your personality within your images. This is why other people images seem so much better than yours. They see the world differently and have learned how to interpret that within a photo. I recommend taking local classes where you can ask questions directly to the teacher and enroll into the school of Youtube for resources.

4.  Take it seriously but not

Photography and the concept of photography is a changing industry. Today most may think that digital manipulation of images is considered photography. If you prefer fantasy images this is where you delve in to the world of digital manipulation its a bit out of the realm of photography but its a fast growing segment.

Photography can be an artistic outlet for many persons hence it is a fun genre to get into. Its ok to treat it as a hobby but be honest with yourself and others. It becomes difficult when persons may ask you to take photos for them. There are so many things that can go wrong but at the same time you may feel that you want the experience. Just know that the pressure is on and it may be best to do such work for family and friends.