I’m A Multipotentialite – There is nothing wrong with me

I’m A Multipotentialite – There is nothing wrong with me

 I’m A Multipotentialite – There is nothing wrong with me.

Multipotentialite – Whaaaat?!

Okay lets break it down.


– More than one or Many


– latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.


-forming names denoting natives of a country or group


Multi-potential-ite – A person or group of persons with more than one latent ability that can be useful. that’s the technical definition

The layman definition would be a person who can learn many disciplines throughout their lives and use those disciplines to assist themselves in problem solving or in a creative way to make something unique and or different. This may sounds more like the definition for an entrepreneur to many mainly because it almost is. Most entrepreneurs are first and foremost polymaths.


If your confused then thats ok because its a relatively new term that is being used to describe a particular group of people. In the past the same description for persons had different names that you may be more familiar with. Scanners, Polymath, or Renaissance person. These all have slightly different meanings but all describe the same people.

This term has been used alot by an interesting lady known as Emilie Wapnick. She discuss how having a diverse creative mindset can be confusing for those who want to fit into society but know there is more that they can do. Watch her talk below recorded by Ted Talk.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sZdcB6bjI8[/embedyt]


For me it has been a rough road. Growing up with this type of mind was quite difficult especially living in a society that tells you to find you passion and do that one thing for the rest of your life. Multipotentialite’s can live and adapt in societies structure but we get the itch for more mainly because we get bored pretty quickly.

For a time I felt as if something was wrong with me. I would find a new interest and I would dive into it, I mean go all in learn all I can in a short space of time. then take that knowledge and put it to practice right away. For other persons such learning skills would often take them twice as long but for persons like myself we find it unusually easy.


“There are others like me”

There is so much involved in understanding how we are wired and how our brain works, this is just one thing that I was glad to find out. There are others like me. I’m not so weird after all and it explains a whole lot of what has been going on in my mind and why I feel the itch every so often to do something else. One thing is for sure I’m learning how to use all my past experiences in various fields to find that center point where they all overlap.

Up to now I have been combining just one or two of my circles to bring new ideas to the table but now I am exited to see what I will come up with when I merge all my skills. I do look forward to expressing my thoughts and embracing who I am in the upcoming years, in fact I have already begun to merge my skills into something quite interesting. Using my creativity, photography, marketing skills and business and organization skills. I expect to develop something quite fun.

Stay Tuned…

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rashadpenn: Rashad Penn is a photographer, Teacher, Ad man and amateur blogger based in the Bahamas.

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  3. Jesse Vasquez

    Thank you for sharing this. A few months ago I was looking for a word that I could use to describe myself. I like you have many interests, talents and skills. I find myself being part of may worlds and not just liking one thing. This past year I've gone on a journey to find my purpose. Out of all the things I am part of, what us the one overlapping item for all things... it was helping people. I like the word multipotentialite because I am not define by one things because I believe we are not one dimesional humans. We are not just left or right brain humans. We are more complex than that. Connections in your brain can always be made we just have to be open to them.