Look just because I can sometimes spell, and sometimes form legible sentences does not mean I’m a writer because by all means… I am not a writer

In high school I was an average student in literature. I love to read however when it came to writing my teacher and I didn’t see eye to eye. Hence my grades reflected this issue. When I went to college I took up English Lit but this time my lecturer saw something different. She said I had a unique way or writing. I don’t know if that was a good or bad thing, but my grades were good enough to pass.

“I simply write the way I speak.”

I respect actual writers as they took the time to learn all the ins and outs of writing. They I am not a writerwrite books, short stories and even plays. I on the other hand have a different way of writing. I simply write the way I speak and I’m not sure how this works but I feel it backs up my statement that I am not a writer.

I apologize if you find grammatical errors, run on sentences and the occasional misspelled words but you know what. It is what it is. Many who can write good messages have never written anything for the world and here I am untrained simply writing whats on my mind.

Some will love my words others will hate it but again it is what it is. Cant please everybody.

So far over all my web logs I’ve written over 100 blogs. That’s far more than I would ever believe was possible. I think at one time I actual had over 200 blogs but if you read my post on Screw it I’m DONE you know what happened if not go check it out and be updated.

For those who still read in a video world and who can stand reading my post I thank you for sticking with me as I learn more about writing and write about things I love. For those who cannot stand my writing and think I’m just writing foolishness. Hey its a really big internet you don’t have to be here but thanks for visiting. I hope you do something more meaningful with your life than ‘hate’ on others.

For all you writers I apologize if it seems as if I’m stepping on your profession or your art form but  have to do what my heart wants me to do even though I say I’m not a writer. Sometimes the only way to learn is to practice practice practice.

I am not a writer but I believe in the saying “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Stay tuned because I have no plans to stop any time soon.


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I found this funny – I am not a rapper

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