You know what…SCREW IT!!!


Im really pissed right now just writing this. I dont even know if I will release this message who knows?

Some…Jack – Daniel decided to play internet god with my website and hacked me while I was on vacation. Sons of B*****S

So when I went to check my website to update it guess what came up… bubkis nothing nadda blank space. WTF happened to all my blogs? Where is my website? Who the hell playing games?  Am I so important or such a threat to someone else that they target me or was it just a cruel joke.

Well no joke my entire website WAS GONE!

So I lay in bed for a few days. Pondering what went wrong. Who could it be, do I have to build a computer to track down the culprit? What should I do. Simple, as Gary Vanerchuck would say stop complaining about dumb Sh**

So I did. I got up and got to work. I decided to totally change everything I was doing. No more Mr Nice guy. I looked at where I was in photography, what was going on around me and in the industry world wide then said… you know what there is so little originality. Everyone is copying everyone else I have really strong feelings about this thing so you know what – I will just be me.

I’m really RUDE.. yeah that’s something that most people don’t know about me.  I’m rude because if you ask me i will tell you the truth and the truth isn’t what most people want to hear so I’m labeled as RUDE.

I would say its not being rude its being REAL. So lets get real about photography.

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