I Quit – Or do I?

I Quit – Or do I?


I Quit…

There have been a few things in my life that I have not completed. Sometimes it just happens because of certain circumstances beyond your control. Its normal. However giving up or letting some things go can be harder than we expect.

I’m not one to back down from a fight, even if I know I cant win I will atleast give that problem something to think of and in turn I learn more about issues and myself.  There have been some battles that were completely out of my control and hence I could not win mainly because of forces bigger than me controlling the situation.

i quitNow I’m faced with a burden of a heavy choice to take my love of the art of photography off the stove completely or keep it on the back burner and it could possibly prevent me from exploring and enjoying another aspect of my life.

Ive been in rut for a while now, I even posted on social media that I experienced a Creative Burn Out. Its a point where you do something so rote that you perform a task as if you were drinking water.  Under normal circumstance this is a good thing but learning and accepting who I am as a multipotentialite this has the opposite effect. If you haven’t read my a article on being a multipotenialite you can take a quick peak HERE.

“Do I turn the page of photography and continue this story or do I just close this book and put it on the shelf?”

I quit

Now I’m faced with a very difficult decision. Do I turn the page of photography and continue this story or do I just close this book and put it on the shelf? I have already placed photography on the back burner because I accepted another responsibility as a multipotentialite and entrepreneur and want to pursue that avenue. However leaving your love behind is not an easy task.

I’ve always been good at managing multiple things but as I get older I find I want to do more, I want to accomplish more and the renaissance man in me is asking more new things to learn and get into. This is the part of entrepreneurship that you rarely hear about. Its always  the good things but the negative, dark thoughts and low periods in life are skipped and over looked. Well its real and it happens to all of us, we just don’t talk about it so you never hear about it. I quit have never been words that I would utter so you know this is a difficult situation.

To make this post short and not so long, 2018 may be the last year for Rashad Penn Photography. If after careful contemplation I find that it may best to close the book and move on this year will be the last of offering my photography skills. It hopefully will not be forever but just for a period of time.

Your Tearing me apart!!!

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