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6 Tips to capture Better Real Estate Photos with a Cell Phone

Given how much cell phone cameras have improved over the last several years, a realtor with a good eye for attractive images can take pretty good real estate photos with an iPhone or Android phone.

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vacation rental during covid in the bahamas

4 tips to Surviving covid-19 Bahamian Vacation Rental

what can you do to survive not only covid-19 lock down but to survive the aftermath of no bookings in your vacation rental in the Bahamas?

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3 Reasons why you should get your Business License?

3 Reasons why you should get your Business License? This may seem like a no brainer to some but to others its…

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Introduction to Photography Beginners Course

Well I’m Back… Kinda. As I never really left, but many thought and the word did spread that Rashad Penn Photography is…

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Shutting it all Down

Shutting what down? I guess many person would have heard me discuss shutting down my creative outlet of photography for a while….

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real estate photography, real estate photos, property photos

How to take a 5 minute Vacation.

The sun was warm the breeze was cool, The sounds of birds chirping, tree leaves rustling in the distance and the calming…

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To Podcast or not to podcast

So here is my journey to deciding on whether or not I would go ahead and start this journey or not, the equipment I got and the equipment I think I still need.

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How to take better photos in Manual Mode?

The process is simple, Just ask yourself these three questions. The answers to each will determine what manual settings to use.

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Introduction to Digital Photography

Introduction to Digital Photography is a half day photography course taught by myself Rashad Penn and Guilden Gilbert. We have been teaching photography in the Bahamas for a few years now and have been working during this time on streamlining our teaching technique and ensuring our students get the best lessons and learn quickly.

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photography light reflector for natural light photography

How to use a Gold Light Reflector?

Light reflectors are great for outdoor portraits. The gold light reflector works best for early morning and late evening portrait photo shoots….

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