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Professional Real Estate Photography, is it needed in the Bahamas?

This seems like a logical answer to the question but when you really dig deeper you find that its not so cut and dry. Yes professional real estate photography is needed and is very important even more than ever not only in the Bahamas but worldwide.

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Photography is EASY!?

Photography is EASY     I was glad to see that a pie chart was made that actually outlines the process of…

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Who is Rashad Penn the Photographer?

 Allow myself to introduce..myself. My name is Rashad Penn, the Bahamian Photographer.   Yes I’m naturally a silly guy. I like funny…

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Bahamian Photographer – Warrior Women – I Samurai

Bahamian Photographer Personal Work – Warrior Women I Samurai (island samurai)   Personal Work, this comes every once in a while to…

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How to find a good photographer in 5 steps

How to find a good photographer in 5 steps   If you are here then you pretty much found your photographer so…

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