Principles of Photography PART – 2


What do you need for this class?

The beauty about learning the principles of photography is that you only need basic tools. Any additional tool will not hurt but its always best to start with the base and then from there learn advanced techniques with what you have.


A gentleman walked up to me and asked the #1 most asked question I get. What camera do you use?

My answer, which ever one gets the job done.

Not the answer a person would be expecting but its true. I have a number of cameras that I use and each has its pros and cons but I use them all.

  • Film cameras
  • Cell phone camera
  • DSLR camera
  • Point and Shoot camera
  • Range finder camera
  • Once had a pinhole camera

These are all just TOOLS.

Your camera is just a tool.

So back to the story. The man had a disconcerted look on his face so I made his day when I asked “what camera do you use?” Oh boy was he happy to elaborate.

“I have a 1D Mark III with a 50mm L lens and a blah blah blah blah”

Im sorry I kinda blocked him out at this time, not to be rude or anything but because it really doesn’t matter. Whenever someone brags about which and how much of their gear they have what we call GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

These people believe that having the latest gear will make them better photographers so they spend their money buying 40mp cameras with the top of the line lens with all the accessories. Honestly in my opinion. Its a waste of good money and an injustice to well built gear.

Anyway… he proceeded to show me images he had on his cell phone that he took with his camera. I probably should not have done it but I showed him images I took with my cell phone and the difference was astounding. His images looked like they were taken by a 2 year old banging a camera on the floor.

I will be honest there was no rhyme or reason to his images. No clear subject, over or under exposed, horrible composition, flat and boring.

He was so proud of his images but I had to tell him the truth. I think he hated me for a really long time but eventually we crossed paths again and he thanked me for being honest.

I took him on as a student for a while and now he wins minor photography competitions and still has his canon camera which is now outdated but in his skilled hands is valued far more to him.

So what gear do you need for this class?

  1. A (DSLR) Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera
  2. Memory Card
  3. DSLR lens
  4. Notepad and pen

Notice I said a camera… no specific type or model just a camera. Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sigma, Pentax name brand does not matter. You just need to be able to gain manual control of your camera.

Thats all you need. We will teach you what all those buttons are, when and how to use them. How to take photos in various situations and when you have reached the limits of your camera. Yes all cameras have limitations and the more skilled you become the easier it will be to see them.

Thats it, I look forward to seeing you in class.