The sun was warm the breeze was cool, The sounds of birds chirping, tree leaves rustling in the distance and the calming sound of the waterfall built into an infinity pool were all I could experience. I was a million miles away relaxing in an exclusive resort with little to no one around to bother me. No cars passing by, no loud voices, no children playing just myself the sun and the wind.

Surprisingly this moment felt like I was sitting enjoying my surroundings for at least an hour. The reality was I was sitting for less than five minutes in a densely populated area with cars and people all about me. What happened in those 5 minutes

The day started as usually, get up get ready and out the door to my first photo shoot of the day. Luckily on this day it was a bit later in the morning than usual so I had time to get a good night sleep. I was still a bit tired though but we all do what we have to do to survive. So off I went.

This was to be a full day of shooting and this particular property I would have to shoot twice. Once in the morning and again in the evening. I was rearranging the lounge chairs nearby the pool and making sure everything was even and orderly when I sat down to take a look a the view. In that moment the comfort of the chair was so amazing that my mind no my subconscious took over and began to day dream.

I was still in the same place but my senses were heightened to hear only what my brain wanted me to hear. It drowned out persons talking, cars passing and even planes overhead. All I heard was nature and the sound of falling water on a man made surface that was consistent enough to put me in a trance.

I felt the gentle breeze on my skin, the warmth of the sun around me the sound of birds and leaves and even a local striped lizard scurrying in the grass. This was amazing, how could this be. I was having a real nature moment in my body but an outer body sensual experience.

The moment felt long but it was extremely short. My conscious working mind snapped me away from that dream world. COME ON WE HAVE WORK TO DO!!! I awoke and got back to getting my shots. In the back of my mind I was mulling over what happened. It wasn’t until a few days later that I figured it out.

I let go…

That was it. All I had to do was let go. Drop my guard down, release all thoughts, un-clinch my body and just let go. Its a very vulnerable state to be in physically and why it can be so scary but the results are super amazing. I began to practice this form of letting go consciously. It was harder than learning a new language from an angry teacher. So I took it in strides.

The trick is to think like you did when you were a child. The imagination is the key. We forget this as adults and tend to be more linear and realistic but a child’s mind has no limits. Practice this in your home where you feel safe. Let go of everything, no thinking not over listening no wondering about daily things. Just let it all go.

The quickest way to do this is by trying to listen to your heat beat. This focuses your mind long enough to drown out all surrounding distractions. Once you can hear and fell your own heat beat, smile. Yup just smile and build your new imaginary world around you. Where are you? what are you doing? what does it feel like, what does it sound and smell like? Once you have built your new world, relax and stay there.