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How to take a 5 minute Vacation.

The sun was warm the breeze was cool, The sounds of birds chirping, tree leaves rustling in the distance and the calming…

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Mobile Photography while on Vacation Part 3

Mobile photography while on vacation challenge part 3 COZUMEL, MEXICO I had been to cozumel before and the last time I came…

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Mobile Photography while on Vacation Part 2

Photo challenge accepted – Mobile photography on vacation.   Travel and take great photos with only my mobile phone. The vacation – Travel…

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Island Hoping

The problem with parents is that their children will often pick up a few of their life’s habits. In my case there…

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Northern Island Hop – The Drive

The Northern islands of the Bahamas as considered by some are New Providence, Andros, Bimini and the Berry Islands, Grand Bahama, Abaco…

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Northern Island Hop pt2 – The Boat

I had arrived at my destination, but the rush was not over yet. I asked for directions from a few fishermen that…

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Northern Island Hop pt3 – The Misshapp

  Leaving McLeans town were myself, a young lady and her baby and an older gentleman. “This  a light load” the captain…

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Northern Island Hop pt4 – Land Ho! and the Ride Home

Abaco at last I’ve arrived. So far it has been an interesting trip now I’m wondering what is in store for me…

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A West End Move – Grand Bahama photos

Island Hopping and capturing Bahamas photos When you begin to Island hop you tend to notice alot of things that are alike…

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