Why bother with Real Estate Photography?


The first question I’m sure many persons especially realtors have on their minds is, why bother with professional real estate photos?

Let me tell you a story. I have a friend, lets call her Jane, and as realtors you know that females in the Bahamas tend to purchase land quicker than males so you understand where I’m coming from. Jane was ready to purchase a duplex, she had saved for a while got pre-approved from the bank and all she needed now was to find the property that suited her best. She had decided to avoid the headache of building she would purchase and renovate instead. Plus her job kept her working late hours and made it difficult to be flexible to go out and view properties.

She searched the newspapers like everyone else but in there about 10% have images. She called realtors and companies and told them what she was looking for. The problem there was she was only able to visit the properties on the weekend. Some agents were smart to take photos with their cell phone and post on facebook and she was able to see them but her complaint was that she couldn’t make out the lay of the property and the images were either too dark, too bright or the angles made no sense. Who knows she could have found her property online but again images were a major part in her finding a place or rather not finding one.

Bahamas real estate photography

Well if you have to ask that que

stion then you may not be a top seller at your firm or you don’t sell very high priced properties. There is a notion in the Bahamas that it all depends on the economy and the market at the time. If the economy is down then so will be the real estate market. Well I have news for you, when it comes to slower times there are people called impulse buyers who tend to purchase items to make them feel better about their present situation or the economy. Would you also believe that there are persons that are capable of purchasing real estate in any economy that are impulse buyers as well?

That is just an easy example of the persons willing to purchase properties but their biggest turn off are the images posted to real estate websites, in the news papers and on social media. To put it bluntly, they are horrible.

So the next excuse i often hear is “oh its to expensive to hire a professional photographer to photograph all the properties i have under my listing” So persons resort to using their smart phone or they purchase a camera and decide to take images themselves. There is a problem here.

Bahamas real estate photography

Just because other agents, property owners or managers use their phone or a camera to take photos does not mean they are good. You want results don’t you? or are you just in the real estate business to say your an agent?

It seems as if real estate photography in the Bahamas is non existent. Its ridiculous to call your cousin john john who has a camera to take a few pictures for you. That’s just so silly. John john takes pictures of girls on the beach in bikinis for his personal enjoyment and to post on line, how can you equate that to the skills required to advertise and sell a $250,000 property?

Lets take a look at what others are saying about this. I dont want you to take my word for it. Why You Might Need Professional Photos to Sell Your Home


6 reasons why a professional home photographer is worth the price

These Photos Prove Exactly How Much Real Estate Photos Matter , Because no one is going to pay $2,000 a month to live in your overexposed and out-of-focus apartment.

New Study Highlight Importance of Photography in Real Estate Listings

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These are but a few persons who have done the research or have encountered horrible real estate photos and wanted to inform the public.

Bahamas real estate photography

So lets just cut to the chase, here are some benefits of having sensible photos of your property.




  • Good photographs make good first impressions on line
  • People are busy, they will skim images faster than reading a property description.
  • Properties are sold faster, good images allow buyers to imaging themselves in the space. Usually after one physical walk through the house they are ready to buy.
  • Professional photographs can be used in multiple places such as on the company website, a personal website and in social media, as well as in brochures, fliers, blogs, postcards, editorials and a variety of print advertising, marketing.
  • Can demand higher price points based on the images alone.
  • Impress your seller and attract new clients.
  • Saves realtors time in showings by persons that may not be truly interested.
  • 80% of your calls will be persons truly interested in the property.
  • Sales increase because persons can view it from their computer or mobile phone and make a preliminary decision before they meet with you.

There are many more reason how good real estate photography is beneficial to real estate agents, Sellers and even Vacation Rental Host.

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