This was a weird question I was asked about Bahamas estate photography and I found it to be extremely strange that the question is a valid one when it comes to real estate photography.

What is Bahamas real estate photography? The capture of real estate photography in the Bahamas but with a twist of capturing a diverse set of properties from vacant land, small 200sq ft apartments to luxurious million dollar condos.

Bahamas real estate photography diversity

It is not as simple at it seems but real estate photography in the Bahamas is a bit different than most other places. Hence the phrase is correct and the question is valid.

After some thought of the question and deep recollection of the many places I have photographed over the years I realized that the work I do is very different from my other country counterparts.

In the United States for example, I have photographer friends who are real estate photographers but the jobs they are hired for are far different than what I may get in the Bahamas.

While many of the homes are spacious and airy with great staging, here in the Bahamas real estate photography is not so glamourous all the time.

Sometimes to sell a home I will have to capture houses that should be bulldozed rather than sold.

Other times I get jobs to photograph homes that I would not dream existed in the Bahamas.

While other photographers around the world can stay in their town or county and get photo jobs, I on the other hand often have to travel to various islands.

There is not driving to the next county or state, here in the Bahamas its either by plane or by boat.

Sometimes I may get a call to a remote island with an entire resort hidden away beyond the trees and other times I get a call to an add on studio apartment the size of a one car garage.

This diversity of properties in the Bahamas is what makes the term Bahamas real estate photography a valid term to be used and a valid question to ask of…

What is so different about this type of real estate photography?

What does Bahamas real estate photography cover?

Lets take a look at the various types of properties that can be covered in the Bahamas.

These properties are unique to countries that depend mainly on tourism.

Vacation Rental

Vacation rental photography has been on the rise prior to the 2020 pandemic. This was due mainly to Airbnb.

Many locals and visitors rent out their homes, second homes or investment properties to have vacationers stay during their trip to the Bahamas.

This is not unique to the Bahamas but because there are so many vacation rentals through out the islands of the Bahamas traveling to them all makes it very diverse.

Vacant Lots

When it comes to selling vacant lots, photography does not usually come to mind.

With the availability to drones vacant lots have a new way to be photographed.

Photographers are now using drones to get aerial views of vacant lots for realtors and real estate companies, again not unique but when it comes to a cay it becomes very special.


The Bahamas is a top tourist destiantion when it comes to the Caribbean.

There are many hotels littered on the major islands of the Bahamas, from time to time they will call upon a real estate photographer to capture their newly renovated rooms.

Motels – Bahamas real estate photography

A bit smaller than a hotel, motels can be found on just about every island in the Bahamas.

They are small boutique places to stay with emphases on service and making sure the guest enjoy their stay.

These motels tend to request images not only of their rooms but of their staff as well.


Resorts are in a class all their own. They are a mixture between hotels and motels.

A larger scale motel is the best way to describe them. Large but still focused on customer satifaction.

Bahamas real estate photography covers these unique places to stay in the Bahamas.


These are often more exclusive places to stay built around a theme.

Bone fishing lodges are popular throughout the Bahamas and like motel or mini resort they lean toward strong customer satisfaction

Taking photos of these locations are very different as the images must tell a story of the theme that surrounds the lodge.

Luxury Condos

On the Main island of New providence and on some of the major islands in the Bahamas luxury is a normal view.

Paradise Island, Old fort bay and others can house luxury condos that are rented for longer periods of time.

They are similar to Airbnb Luxury homes. A Bahamas real estate photographer will have to be able to capture luxurious image of these properties.

Gated communities – Bahamas real estate photography

Fast growing throughout the Bahamas gated communities are becoming normalized.

Safety and anonymity are needed for this type of real estate photography as you must keep in mind who is next to the property you are hired to shoot.

Gaining access to shoot is on thing but it can be difficult dealing with neighbors especially when it comes to photographing common spaces.


There are many boaters that traverse through the waters of the Bahamas. Every so often you may be called as a photographer to take a few photos of one.

Its not really real estate but because so many people live on their boats, some yachts can be considered a form of real estate.


Similar to a yatch its a flying property.

Jets have most features of a home. Bathroom, bedroom and even a kitchen.

This again is where Bahamas real estate photography differs from so many other countries.

The uniqueness of Bahamas real estate photography

With so many diverse options to photograph in the world of Bahamas real estate, its no wonder many companies look for locals who have an idea of the nuances of the properties in the country.

This was just a brief overview of what Bahamas real estate photography entails.