Camera accessory #1 – Camera cleaning kit

Obviously you have to keep your equipment clean. You paid good money for your equipment it makes sense that you would want to take good care of it. A good camera cleaning kit will ensure that you avoid any of the unnecessary problems that can be avoided by dust and rust. The average cleaning kit would include, an air blower, a soft brush, lens cleaning solution and paper along with a lens cloth. All these items usually come in an easy to store easy to carry pouch or bag. Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras and Sensitive Electronics Bundle with Refillable Spray Bottle Buy Now


UV Filter

UV Filters come in as many sizes as there are sizes of lens. Its a simple clear ultra violet filter that not only helps cut down on that ultra violet sunlight but it’s best use is to protect that expensive piece of glass called a lens. Persons sometimes can make mistakes and unknowingly scratch their lens. A scratched lens can become an annoy when it comes time to edit your photos.

Some people may not be comfortable with an extra piece of glass on their lens that may cause some form of distortion. The good news is this filter hardly registers on your cameras sensor. No drop in light at all but it does often help cut though glaze on a bright sunny day.Tiffen 67mm UV Protection Filter Buy Now


Camera skin

A camera skin may seem like a silly item to have as an accessory however as you grow in your photography journey you will find yourself in some interesting places.

An example of where you may need to use a camera skin is in a dusty or sandy area.

Living on an island, there is a greater chance for me to be near the beach at some point through the week. Salt spray and the occasional kick of sand are all possible and your camera will need the added protection.

The camera skin as a camera accessory ensures you keep your camera in good working order by reducing the exposure of the camera to harsh conditions.


Memory card case

Memory cards, a modern marvel. I’m constantly amazed at how such little plastic and metal gadgets can hold so much space. I came up using the 51/4 floppy disc which could only hold somewhere between 100-350kb of information. During those years the introduction of the 31/2 floppy was amazing and then the advent of the compact disc was revolutionary to me at the time. Nowadays you can hold 128gb of information on a device the size of a postage stamp. Now that’s progress. However it doesn’t matter how great these little devices are they are fragile and can be damaged by moisture, dust or shock impact, for this reason its best to keep them safe in a soft or hard case.

Memory card cases are readily available and can be found at any electronics store. Your going to use and reuse these little devices a whole lot so its probably a good idea that you make sure they are well protected.Kiorafoto Professional Water-Resistant Anti-Shock Holder Storage SD SDHC SDXC TF Memory Card Case Protector Cover with Carabiner for 12SD Cards & 12 Micro SD Cards Buy Now


LensPen NLP-1CUP UltraPro Lens Cleaner (Silver) Buy Now


LCD Screen Protection

lcd screen protection from scratches