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Port Lucaya – Grand Bahama

Down towards the southern portion of the city of Freeport on the Island of Grand Bahama lies

port lucaya-02-08-13-128-travel

and interesting touristic area known as Port Lucaya.  This short driving strip is lined with stores on one side and a large scale functioning hotel known as Our Lucaya. Everything is colorful and intentionally designed as a shopping location for tourist and locals alike. It seems as if it may be a replacement for the International Bazaar.


Port Lucaya seems to be the hang out for the local kids and young adults on Friday and Saturday but through out the week it stands as an outdoor shopping area with great places to sit and eat or have a drink with friends. The entire area is beautifully arranged and everything is painted bright colors.  My favorite aspect of this location is the old British phone booths that are scattered around the grounds. There may be two or three its hard to tell walking over the uneven cobble stones and down narrow pathways that lead you into what seems to be a never ending maze of shops and restaurants.

Not only are there a number of shops and restaurants at Port Lucaya but its call a port for a reason. There is a fully functional docking port as a part of the shopping area. Persons can dock their boat and enjoy the shopping area to their hearts content.


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