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Wanting to get away for a short trip, see something different experience something new I decided to take a day trip to Harbour Island also known as Briland.

The best way to get there for a day trip is by boat. It takes long but its a good ride that will help you slowly relax and get in to island mode. Although to make it to briland by plane is faster it just doesnt give you enough time to unwind. I boarded the fast ferries at the Potters Cay dock on the Bohenghy II. The boat was set to leave at 8am and arrive in Harbour Island after 11am, a little over three hours with a stop at Spanish Wells. I had also signed up for an island tour of the Island and my very own golf cart to get around for the day. The deal seemed sensible as I would get a good lay of the land and a meal voucher for the day.

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About two hours in to the boat ride and my body and mind have begun to relax and switch in to island mode and we arrive at Spanish Wells. This little island is known for its fishermen, they export fish around the world even more specifically Craw Fish.  Upon seeing the island it is clear that it is a fishing settlement with all the boats lined up, conch and fish pens near shore and even the little golf carts scurrying around the island. The stop was brief as boat was only dropping off a few passengers and soon we were on our way again to harbour island.

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In about an hour we were passing a treacherous part of the voyage known as the Devil’s Back bone. Its a stretch of sea with enough reef to sink any passing ship. It was these reefs that pirates used to their advantage to draw in unsuspecting ships during the ship wrecking era. The reef lies nearby the main land of Eleuthera but can be circumnavigated if you know where to go.

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Directly pass the devil’s back bone and around the tip of Eleuthera in the distance is the tiny island of Harbour Island. Beautiful turquoise seas lie between our location and the tiny island of Briland.


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At the dock I was greated by my tour guide for the day. There were a few other passengers that also came on a day trip and tour. Soon we were on our way, the other guest opted out on the island tour and headed strait for the beach.  I was glad that the tour had become a private one. Driving around the island and stopping at sites of interest while the guide gave a short spiel on each location was well worth the time.

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The island was smaller than I expected and the tour mailny covered the local part of the island but did not include a tour of the rich and famous persons with their billion dollar homes such as Mark Zuckerburge of face book and others.  After the short tour I was on my own to explore the isalnd. It was a hot sunny day and the sun was a bit draining, so I decided to make one round to see the island and then get something to eat and relax for a while. Talk with the locals and cruise until it was time to head home.

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On a side note, I have heard so much about the Pink sands of Briland, however during the mid day sun the sand from a distance doesn’t seem so pink. Upon closer inspection however, it really is pink!  Another interestingly unknown fact is the temperature of the sand. Unlike the many beaches I have visited the fine grain, pink sand of harbour island stays cool. This I cannot explain, it was a hot and sunny day but the sand beneath my feet no matter where I walked was soft and cool to the touch. This truly is a location you have to experience for yourself. If you didnt know there are a few Bahamian songs written about Harbour Island now I know why.

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My gear for this trip;

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