West End Grand BahamaIsland Hopping and capturing Bahamas photos

When you begin to Island hop you tend to notice alot of things that are alike in different settlements throughout the Bahamas and you also learn the subtle differences of each settlement. West End Grand Bahama is no different.

Its a small fishing village just like the many others scattered about the Bahamas but it has a certain charm about its self. I made a visit there during the mid morning just to see what the locals would be doing when the out-of-towners or people form the city were not there.

West End Grand Bahama

The settlement was quite with the adults going about their daily duties while others sit and chat with their neighbors and friends. Nothing special about that its normal to see on the west end gb-02-09-13-169-travelfamily islands. However the one thing that stood out to me about this fishing village is the amount of discarded conch shells that made up a makeshift sea wall. I asked about the shells and a local told me, “Oh they moved most of it that’s just what was left and was put there this year” Remarkable!


Piles of conch shells littered the shoreline. This settlement has been busy over the years. Capturing Bahamas photos and the lifestyle of Bahamians in there natural state really shows a calm way of living much different from the hustle and bustle of Nassau.

West End Grand Bahama

Driving through the one road that ran parallel to the open ocean it was apparent that this was truly a fishing settlement. This is the famous location of the man called bone fish Foley, his name is etched in song by the story teller Phil Stubbs.

West End Grand Bahama, is a small settlement just like every other settlement I have visited before. The only difference is that its based directly across from the sea.  Its a fishing village but it looks as if that way of life is diminishing as there are few young adults taking up the craft of fishing.

Join me on my next adventure and enjoy more Bahamas photos and images of the Bahamas as the Bahamian photographer travels throughout the islands of the Bahamas