The Northern islands of the Bahamas as considered by some are New Providence, Andros, Bimini and the Berry Islands, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Eleuthera.  Roughly six named islands although without counting the vast amount of cays its almost impossible to say how many islands there are.  This trip I took however only included three of the islands although if a person wanted to they could cover all six of the islands.

My trip begins on the island of New providence where I caught a plane, Western Air, to the island of Grand Bahama. Why is the airline called Western air when it flies primarily to the northern islands is beyond my understanding. In any event I got to Grand Bahama safely with a nice view of both islands from above, the trip was fairly short about half hour or so.

Once on the island I inquired with a few friends and locals about catching a boat from the eastern end of the island to Abaco. I found out that its a 3 hour drive from the city of Freeport to McLeans town where I would be able to hop over to Abaco. It was a early start at about 4am to get to McLeans town in time to catch the boat that leaves at 8am. I allotted myself an extra hour or so just in case I got lost along the way.  Driving alone in the dark with only verbal directions is actually harder than it sounds especially in unfamiliar territory.

After feeling as if I may have taken a wrong turn over an hour ago and contemplating if I should turn around I finally got a glimpse of a sign that made me exhale. It was about 7:15am when I arrived in McLeans town and I was still uneasy until I was sure the boat did not leave me.


McLeans Town-02-09-13-9-travel