Abaco drive-02-10-13-37Travel

Abaco at last I’ve arrived. So far it has been an interesting trip now I’m wondering what is in store for me on this island. Will there be anything different? What will I see? who will I meet?  The first person I ran into was a lady who I had arranged to rent her vehicle to be able to drive around the island. My destination is Marsh Harbour.  After a quick welcome and directions I was on my way but not before giving the lady and her child a ride to the over the hill to her home. This was a good thing as I got more information of what to expect on my next two hour drive from Crown Haven to Marsh Harbour. Stopping at a local gas station to fill up for the drive I was able to speak to a gentleman that had to be at least 70 years old and his pumping equipment had to be about the same age. It had those large numbers that roll around on some sort of wheel and pings every so often. I was soon on my way on another long drive, the forest of the islands are remarkable and there is lots of it.

Unfortunately I had planned my trip carefully but Murphy’s Law came into effect. I was suppose to meet up with a local who had arranged a place for me to stay during my trip but I guess depending on cell phone reception in most areas was not anticipated. My stay on Abaco would be shorted to a few hour. I drove through the settlement stopping every once in a while to take photos or to talk to a passerby but ultimately I would have to make it back to the boat on time before it left for Grand Bahama at 5pm. It was about 9:50 when I left the gas station and a little after 12 when I reached Marsh Harbour. This meant I had roughly two hours to find my contact or I will have to start the long drive to Crown Haven. Sad to say I had to make the return trip.  No lighthouse pictures, no visit to the neighboring smaller islands nor a chance to enjoy the beautiful beaches Ive heard so much of. Nothing but forest.

The trip was amazing, I now knew it was possible and it is a trip I would love to take again but with more time and better planning. The Two hour rid back to Crown Haven and then another 45 minute boat ride to Grand Bahama and again a three hour drive back to my temporary home in Freeport. In total I spent 12 hours traveling. 10 hours driving and two hours on a boat. Some may say the trip was a waste of time, energy and money but I say it was an adventure that opened my eyes to a whole new way of Island hopping. I will definitely make more trips but I would rather make it with some company to help pass the time easier.


Until the next Island Hop