McLeans Town-02-09-13-11Travel


Leaving McLeans town were myself, a young lady and her baby and an older gentleman. “This  a light load” the captain said mainly because “its Sunday and folks gone off to church.” it seemed fitting. The engine roared as we sped off toward what seemed to me a large labyrinth of a mangrove swamp. “Do you use GPS to navigate though the mangroves” I asked the captain and again I got that same look the ticket agent gave me. With a smirk on his face “GPS? hmph it all in my head” Looking at the lady and the older gentleman, who in less than five minutes into the ride was already nestled in a corner half asleep, they didn’t seem to be worried so why should I be? Unsure of what to say next out of the fear of getting another McLeans stare, but still wanting to know more I simply asked about how long is the ride? “We got about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how the open sea is”. The open sea..some how that didn’t roll over well with me.

Sitting behind the captain chair I took a few pictures of the vast mangrove as me swerved left and right through the dense swamp area. The older gentleman was fast asleep by this time and the lady had gotten in a relaxed position with her eyes closed as well. About thirty minutes into the ride the engines suddenly rared down to a halt. We were stopping but this time there was no mangrove in sight no land in sight…OPEN WATER! I asked the captain what happened thinking the engine died or we could not make it over to the other side, he simply replied “Change in plans”  as he walked to stern of the boat.  Feeling uneasy but looking at the other two relaxed passengers another boat came along side and with a well timed jump the captain leaped onto the other boat. Feeling stranded I stood up to see what was happening when another man on the other boat came to the bow of his boat, threw his slippers onto the boat I’m on and timing his movements jumped on board. He looked at me and said “sorry for the delay folks had to make a switch,  I got to get back to Abaco” We continued on to Abaco while the other boat continued on to Grand Bahama.

In about 15 minutes I could see land, it was Abaco