McLeans Town-02-09-13-9-travel

I had arrived at my destination, but the rush was not over yet. I asked for directions from a few fishermen that were nearby tending their nets and boats as they looked as if they were up from earlier than I was and without coffee they seemed to be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Arriving at the dock and not seeing a vessel large enough to carry passengers, I got worried but after inquiring about the boat from two ladies sitting near the dock that looked at me in a strange way and said “this your first time eh sweetie”, it seemed as if I was talking to the ticket agents.  I laughed at myself for thinking of the docks back on New Providence with their air conditioned offices and cushy chairs.  The ticket was nothing more than a written receipt and a small purple carnival ticket. I was advised that the boat should reach and leave a little after 8am which gave me about 20 minutes to find some breakfast.

McLeans Town-02-09-13-100-travelTicket Agent

There were two eateries near the dock the fist directly across the street was just firing up the stove while the other a little ways down the road had just finish preparing tuna salad and grits. After that 40-50mile drive it was like eating steak and eggs.  I also had some nice herbal tea to warm me up as it was rather cold and soon I was ready to go. Sitting on the edge of the dock I spoke with an Anglican priest who told me he was taking the boat to Sweetings Cay for early morning mass. He was the only priest on that side of the island so he moved between cays and settlements holding church at each of them.  I asked about the size of his congregation of which he replied “if I get ten people at each session its a good day”, his boat soon arrived and he was off.  In the distance I could see a larger boat coming in and out of no where a boy shouts “the boat coming.” I guess this was my ride.