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The problem with parents is that their children will often pick up a few of their life’s habits. In my case there is no difference, however the most interesting thing that both my parents have is a love for travel. As a younger child I was never interested in traveling I much rather sit and read a book and live vicariously through the lives of explorers such as Jacques Cousteau. I read National Geographic and animal books constantly finding the articles quite interesting.  Between my Father and Mother the only continent they have not set foot on is Australia, which mean yes they have traveled the world and always come back with interesting stories. Another thing that most person dont know about my parents is that they are adventurous. My mother would scream at the sight of a snake bout would be the first one on a plane to go sky diving…go figure. What happened to me with such parents is that getting older I started to get this traveling bug, but not to jet set around the world but to explore my very own back yard. There is so much to see within our own country that millions come to experience every year, so why wouldn’t I want to see and experience the same thing.

My everyday travels, exploration and experiences are often amazing to me and I hope it will be the same for you. Its awesome the things I often find during great times in the day. I thought I would share what I see and capture with my camera.



I wanted to know if it possible to hop between the islands of the Bahamas. Here is my first trip traveling between three islands. New Providence, Grand Bahama and Abaco.

Click the link below to read and view the images of my travels Island Hoping.