Delaport beach (2)

Garbage on our Beaches


Passing by my favorite place to shoot, I stopped to check the tide and condition of the rocky beach area as I have been planning to capture a specific image there.  I pulled into the parking lot an saw a rental scooter and two tourist about to leave. Nothing new about that but look in the bottom left hand corner in the photo above…A nice full wendys bag of garbage, sigh Really Bahamians Really?


I waited for the tourist to leave as they were walking along the beach area so I wondered what else did they see while ‘trying’ to enjoy the natural beauty of this park and rocky beach. I got out my car with napkin to remove the trash and looked around for any trash bin nearby. I spotted one so I wondered how far is it from where this bag was to the garbage bin so I counted my steps. 21 steps. 21 steps to reach the garbage bin.

As if that was not enough as I walked back to my car I noticed a few things along the grassy sand. More trash more garbage more discarded bottles, papers and other things. Its just everywhere. The worst part is some of the trash was even closer to the garbage bin. How hard is it to really put trash in the bin, in a bin that has little to no garbage in it. How hard is it to take 21 steps?

I decided to walk the way I saw the tourist were walking wondering what other garbage they saw.  Trash was thrown all along the wall area near the beach, bottles were just left for the beach garbage fairy to pick up and dispose of it. Its like wherever these persons stood they just dropped their trash right there. Just a nasty thought to image a person just leaving their garbage on the ground.

Its even more disturbing to realize that there is a children’s park at this location. How to parents feel taking their child to play on the swings or seesaw and possibly stepping on a broken glass in the sand pit. How about them tripping on a wine bottle and falling in the used coal thrown on the ground. Do people even consider others when they leave trash out on the beach? What kind of mind continues to do these things?  This is just disturbing over and over again people in particular Bahamians continue to litter their own country, their backyard their #1 asset according to the Government.


Come on people we have to stop this nonsense. This is just plain old nasty and nasty in the sense of the old days when your grand parents said the word nasty. You know something was bad. There is no sanata clause and there is no beach clean up fairy. If you brought it throw it in the nearest garbage bin or take with you until you find a bin. If you can have it in your car or hand when you arrive you can have it in your car or hand when you leave.

Stop being NASTY! Each one teach one.