Bahamas Vacation Rentals Increased Bookings


Bahamas Vacation Rentals, what is meant by Vacation Rentals? Well if your asking that question this may not appeal to you.


One quick way to boost your Vacation Rentals Bookings has turned out to be the #1 Top Secret held by the top Vacation Rental Host worldwide.


This tip is so simple many overlook it as unnecessary when in fact its the first thing anyone getting into vacation rental or even looking to increase their bookings should do.


The secret is having professional property photos of your vacation rental posted. The ability to change


THIS                                                                                                     INTO THIS


Is invaluable as a Vacation Rental Host especially in the Bahamas.


Here are what other experts are saying

PHOTOGRAPHS AREN’T EVERYTHING, BUT ALSO, THEY ARE“Photographs are the single most important factor for marketing a vacation property,” says Scott Shatford, an Airbnb host who “stumbled upon” the site in 2012 and decided to start using it to make extra income while he was traveling.

Eric double checked his numbers one more time and then called his wife. Tonight they were going to celebrate. Their vacation rental property income had increased by 39% this past year, and that was no small amount.

A study by FlipKey found that travelers are 83% more likely to inquire about property listings that contain over 20 photos… The quality of your photos allows travelers determine if you’re committed to your role as a vacation rental host


There are tons of articles from experts on the web about increasing bookings so I wont bore you with that info. What you came for is a way to increase your Bahama Vacation Rentals bookings for yourself.


Here is the offer



For the month of June Rashad Penn Photography is offering a Bahama Vacation Rental flat rate photography special.

How special is this special ? Watch the video below and sign up for your photo session and increase your bookings this summer.



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