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Real Estate photography is the capture of a property in a way that conveys a message to buy, lease or rent the space. Professional real estate images have been statistically known to increase sales and rentals by 40 -60% when viewed online. Capture amazing real estate photos for your listing or project should be your top priority as it is for rashad penn photography.


The increase in sales and bookings to properties with good photos is due to potential buyers being able to get a better understanding of the look, layout and design of the property that  they may be interested in.

Whether you are a realtor or a vacation rental host. Having great real estate photos to back up your listing is the quickest way to get the phone ringing with clients.

From the top of the scale of luxury real estate properties to vacant lots there is a solution for your problem of slow sales. Its photography. Book a free consultation and lets discuss your needs, properties and a reasonable rate to capture great real estate photos for your listings.

Real Estate Photography Process



Let’s sit down and discuss your photography needs. the final look and usage of your images.



Plan and schedule your session to capture the images we discussed during the consultation



Enhance the images to ensure they meet the discussed standard needed to achieve your image goals.



Review the entire process to ensure images are properly prepared and delivered to you in the right format.

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Should you Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

Yes Of course! First impressions make a lasting impression of a property and in life. How buyers or renters view your listing on that initial visit to your website ultimately determines if they will be interested or turned off. A professional real estate photographer will help you make a lasting GOOD Impression.

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