You cant out slick a can of oil.

So Im home today away from work because I wasnt feeling so well. For most people its not a hard decision but I kinda like what I do although it can be very very stressfull and brain draining at times.

Anway I get this call from a guy with an Indian accent. Nothing to be alarmed about because my personal phone is actually my business phone as well (I will change this by 2020) Anyway, the guy begins his spiel that he is from google support or something and my listing is about to be deactivated.

Really now?

C’mon Google the free… well monitarily free website is going to cancel a free listing unless I “re activate” my account? Okay I hear you weird guy.

The thing is I had set up my wife’s business with google and they were calling me for that same business. Now this was a no brainer because I literally less than 2 weeks ago placed her listing on Google. So Yeah this dude full of baby poo.

Anyway within the first minute I knew this was a scam but I wanted to record this for other persons who they may be targeting as it seems as if they are targeting persons in the Bahamas.

Im there listening to the rest of his scripted speech while racking my brain on how can I record this guy. Im totally drawing a blank. Finally I tell him “Hey this sounds super important but Im driving right now and its against the law to talk on the phone can you give me a call back when Im no longer on the road?

Amazingly he agrees. Interesting how his you have to renew now or loose your account can be postponed by half an hour.

So while im searching for a recording app on Google Play my phone rings again. Not taking note of the number except it was an oversease call. I answered.

Keep in mind I get international calls a lot so its not unusual for me to get calls from the UK, Canada and the United States so there was no red flag with the number.

So I answer the phone and its another guy on the line. This time instead of my wife business he is asking if im the owner of Rashad Penn Photo-Gra-Phy. Its the way he pronounced it.

I’m like yeah while freaking out that I didnt get a chance to find a recorder for this conversation.

But Wait…

I just happen to have two phones so I look at my other phone and it clicked.. Record it on speaker. Yes so I scramble to open my other phone and start recording while on speaker. I had some time because he was spewing the same spiel as the other guy.

Take a listen to the entire conversation below.

It was a long conversation. I wanted to get to the point where they ask me for some sort of payment, but seems as if they took the longer route dealing with verification codes and emails.

He did get a bit flustered and upset there at the end tho, what do you think? I really had to go otherwise I probably would have dragged him along for a little while longer.

Anyway as you can see my google listing is still in up and running with out any issue. I hardly pay any attention to it except to list contact information so yeah even if they were able to delete my account I dont think it would have been a big deal to just open another.

On a side note I do have some good security on my website and I noticed an increase in attacks to gain access to my back end. I guess these hackers work in seasons to take your website and then hold it for ransom.

Well good thing i had recently updated my security to my websites so they are having a hard time cracking into them. I did loose this website before as I had weak security measures in place. Who would think persons on the other side of the world would take the time to find and mess with such a small business in such a small country.

You can read up on how I lost this exact website to a hacker under the blog heading SCREW IT.

So have you ever been targeted by some scam operation? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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