Photography courses for beginners in the Bahamas


“Finally!!” was the response I got from one of my one on one students. Others were “What took you so long”, “better late than never” any my all time favorite  “you are a teacher now”.

Its been just about four years since I participated in an art show at Doongalik Studios called Bahama Scape. It was around this time that even more request came in for a Photography in the Bahamasphotography course for persons interested in the art of photography. It has been on my mind for a while, I had taught a number of persons personally but not in a class setting.

One of the photographers from the art show Guilden Gilbert and I were approached by Queen’s College Centre for Education to conduct a photography class and we accepted.  Its been a long time coming and finally we took the opportunity.

I’m sure there has been other photography courses in the Bahamas but not many that focused on the basics of photography. I have know a few persons who attended photography classes but by the end they pretty much had  good time but could not particularly remember or do much of what was taught. The issue we saw was that persons were expecting participants to have some sort of knowledge about photography and the camera. The sad part is not many person do.

Bahamas Photography course“People love photography but photography don’t love them”. I once heard this statement and it accurately described so many people and it was because of this that we decided to focus on the Basics of Photography.

We had roughly 5 weeks to prepare for this class. Which meant gorilla marketing to get to as many persons as possible in the shortest amount of time. We pushed the class out on social media and in the end we were able to get 10 persons to sign up. Many more showed interest but it was just to short notice to get in on the first class.

The class lasted for Three weeks, twice a week for two hours each day. That’s a total of 12 hours of learning time and four us 12 hours of teaching and making sure students understood the basics of photography and particularly have them shooting in Manual mode.

I must admit we had a pretty bright crew. They sure did surprise us with their skills, it was amazing how quickly they improved their photography skills and were able to complete home work assignments with zeal. Our classes covered;


  • a history lesson on photography
  • parts of a camera and lens
  • controls of a camera
  • dials and buttons of the camera and lens
  • how the lens and camera work together
  • Aperture priority
  • Shutter priority
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Manual shooting
  • How to clean and maintain your camera
  • Photography Accessories.

This and so much more was taught and talked about I felt as if we took these students to an intermediate stage within the few weeks we were allotted. As a bonus to the course we were invited to the radio show Creative Nassau with Pam and Patti. We were given the Bahamas Photography courseopportunity to discuss photography and the photography course to their listeners. The conversation was recorded and can be listened to on their website or here if you so wish.

At the end of the course I must say I was pleased with the results and I am sure the students were also well pleased. We have created a facebook page for the students and for our future students to keep in contact with us and ask any questions that may be needed.


Bahamas Photography course



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