What is Seascape Photography and why would a Bahamian photographer consider it?


Well simply put its what I do best. There are many genres of photography and each of those genres are broken down into sub genres which means there are virtually hundreds of genres of photography that a person can find comfort in. I on one hand have found myself becoming quite fond of the skill and technique involved in capturing seascapes.


As the name suggest, seascape photography involves photographing seascapes. That’s pretty much the jist of it. I photograph seascapes as a fine art photographer.


pictures of the Bahamas seascape photography
Low tide at Saunders beach reveals a stone slab that the incoming tide will soon claim


This to many makes no sense because the question I get constantly is why seascapes? I live in the Bahamas which is one of the reasons I can call myself a Bahamian Photographer and living in the Bahamas I live on an island surrounded by water. How can I not love the coastline and the beautiful seascapes?


While the people of the Bahama islands are quite beautiful to behold many photographers have flocked to capturing females using the beaches. Its a common sight on many photographers social media pages. I didnt want to just follow suit so I took the model out of the equation and decided to capture the beach itself. I found the coastline to be extremely beautiful all by itself and hence my love for seascape photography began to grow. How can I call myself a Bahamian photographer if I did not capture a part of the Bahamian life and location by recording the ever changing coastline?



I started of as many others do by capturing the coast showing the beautiful hues of blues that can be present in our waters but soon I wanted to see more colors as I find I’m quite fond of colorful images.  I changed the time I shot my images and soon I found a myriad of colors on the same locations I shot before.  My down time and favorite subject was found. Bahamian Seascape Photography.


Now when I capture seascapes I take my time to showcase the location as best as I can. To do justice to the location showing the beautiful colors and vibrancy on the sun and sea is something I find to be pure artwork. It requires patience and lots of understanding weather patterns especially high and low tides but more so you learn so much about our shoreline that you soon grow very attached to it.


This is why I choose to master the art of seascape photography here in the Bahamas.


pictures of the Bahamas seascape photography
Fisherman fishing from the rocks during a vibrant sunset.
Fine Art Photography – The Bahamian Seascape

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