Small Waves – Pictures of the Bahamas

Who ever heard of small waves? what is a small wave? all we know are just waves. Sound waves, osculating waves, cosmic waves…so many types but what are small waves?

pictures of the Bahamas seascape photography

Well as you can see above a small wave is exactly what it sounds like. A very small wave that comes in to shore on an almost calm day. The waves are very relaxing to hear but even more so they are great to photograph.

Finding and taking these pictures of the Bahamas takes some effort, more than most people would think. You have to be out and about early and stay late to find these events to capture. I was so used to photographing waters that are rough and crash onto the seashore I almost left the beach this day but it was really relaxing and I am glad I stayed.

This is how I discovered the small waves and added it to my things to capture as great pictures of the Bahamas. These images are rarely seen by the average person so you will have to depend on dedicated photographers to capture them for you.

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