Product Photography for Handmade Crafters

Lets cut to the chase, the reason you came her is to find out more information and possibly consider if it worth you taking this class. Also you’re wondering can I afford to take this class. Well lets  look at a few things – Who is this class for, how will it help your business and why am I doing this.

Crafters? what do I mean? Any person who make items for sale… or not for sale with their hands is considered a crafter.

“struggle to make sufficient sales”

product photography for craftersThis is actually simple to understand. The Bahamas has so much talent that many persons have developed craft skills to make a living. The problem I have seen over the years is that persons can make the items but struggle year in and year out to sell them at scale.  Many persons wait for local events to showcase their work with the hopes of selling enough of their product to make it for a while. However in between such events they struggle to make sufficient sales.

To make matters worse, many crafters have no idea how to market their business property to gain traction and attention. In fact so few actually have an advertising or marketing plan. Of those who do try to push their product they hear a little info here and a little there but never really dig into how to properly and efficiently market their products.

Its simple… there are a few ways to market your products but the fastest medium has been social media. The problem with this however is that many platforms require the use of images, copy writing and good content to successfully advertise a business or product. This is where I come in as a product photographer. I capture images that persons can use on their website, or on their social media pages.

What this means is that crafters must pay persons like myself to have images taken of their products. product photography for crafters

This is a good strategy and a great way to advertise your products the problem is when you have used those images and need a new concept you then need another photo shoot. Product Advertising sessions can range from a minimum of $200.00 and up, this can become expensive for a small business yet alone a start up.

How will this help your business? Saving the life blood of your business MONEY. Lets consider this for a moment. Lets say you want to market on Instagram, its now become the worlds third largest search engine when it comes to companies trailing behind Google and Pintrest.  Since Facebook bought Instagram they work very closely together especially when it comes to images. How many photo sessions can you afford to have just to increase your reach on social media? If you don’t have a large enough budget for marketing you pretty much have a financial problem. How will you increase sales without marketing?

“capture your own images in a way and style that represents your company branding”

By learning how to capture your own images in a way and style that represents your company branding, you can distribute more content on social media faster and of course for no cost. You just saved your company a $200-300.00 bill for photography services. This happens at least 6 times per year if your serious.

While I don’t have a problem carrying out product photo-sessions I know the struggle many crafters go through.. This is an opportunity to learn a few tricks that can allow persons like yourself the opportunity to do it yourself. Carry out your own photo sessions for social media and boost your sales with creative images that you can make on your own time.

This is a rare opportunity and I know you are probably thinking, Ill catch the next class, lets just see what happens. Well let me be honest with you. Ive had persons after me for years to teach a class like this. I’m not inclined to give away such secrets easily.  There really is no guarantee that I will offer this class again or if I do it will probably be next year this same time…maybe or maybe not at all.

“no guarantee that I will offer this class again”

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait to long, you miss them” Don’t miss this opportunity.