Well I’m Back…

Kinda. As I never really left, but many thought and the word did spread that Rashad Penn Photography is no more. Well sorry to disappoint but I’m still here.

I have a great opportunity for you if you always wanted to learn the art of photography but was unsure or timid when it came to shooting. Well its not really that difficult when you have the training. This is the reason we decided to run this class again. Its a basic class but not a boring class. Its a beginners class but does not exclude the professional. What do I mean by that?

Well its actually simple. You see over the years we found that there were persons who have been shooting for while but they felt as if a beginners class was beneath them. Thats ok as I once felt that way as well. What I learned however is that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew. After I took my first course in photography I realized how much I really had to learn. That was over a decade ago

Fast forward to today and there are still many who do not know how much they don’t know and are not capturing images to the best of their ability. Well that’s where this class comes in. This is not only for the beginner who wants to learn the art of photography but for the person who possibly have been shooting for a while but don’t have a strong grasp of all the buttons on their camera. Or the person who knows that they are not as comfortable with the camera in certain situations.

We just want to ensure you grow as a photographer.

Look, we are not here to judge anyone. We just want to ensure you grow as a photographer. When I say we I’m referring to my partners in this venture of photogrpahey classes. Guilden Gilbert of Guilden Gilbert Photography and Queens College Center for Further Education. We all sit and discuss what is needed and how best we can help photographers in the Bahamas.

Why We do this?

When we first started this teaching thing three years ago it was to grow the amount of photographers in the Bahamas and produce competent photographers that can stand up to the international photographers. We have since trained over 100 photographers some who have already began their photography business and are doing very well. We want only to help you be the best photographer you can be.

Now we are offering this Introduction to Photography to help persons like yourself become more versed in the digital art of Photography.

There is a catch however. This will most likely be the last introduction course we offer for a while. Why? well because we have sat and discussed and the market is now asking for more advanced classes. This means we will focus more on growing international photographers. This also means that we will expect persons to have this basic knowledge as we will not slow down the class to explain how to zero out your meter or stop up or stop down. How to change your settings to 1/3 stop or how to use spot or matrix metering.

This is only fair as there is much more to learn in the world of photography so we decided… lets hold one more class for those who may need a basic or beginners understanding and wont get confused by the advanced classes. It becomes very hard to teach off camera flash to a person who has little to no concept about the exposure triangle. Or to teach how to underexpose and image but use exposure compensation in conjunction with a on camera flash to capture an image that is back lit.

If any of what I was saying seems foreign to you then this may be a class you really need to sign up for.

What will you learn?

  • Exposure Triangle
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Focusing
  • Composition Rules
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Priority
  • Program Mode
  • Manual Mode
  • Automatic Modes and when to use them
  • Lighting concepts
  • Camera Care
  • Fn Buttons
  • Bracketing
  • Fstops
  • Controlling Depth of Field
  • Lens selection and differentiation
  • Focus
  • Developing your eye
  • How to stop motion
  • How to show motion
  • and much much more

This course is divided into two portions. The first part is all classroom where we introduce you to your camera and its functions. We will dive in to what button does what how to make adjustments and how to ensure proper exposure. Beyond proper exposure we will show you how to use the exposure triangle to unleash your creative site.

The second part of the class we will go outdoors and put all that we learned in to practice. What we found out is some people learn by talking and being shown what to do while others are more hands on and absorb information that way. This way you get the best of both worlds.

What to bring

  • Your Camera Body
  • All caps for the camera and lens
  • Camera Lens (you can bring multiple if you have it)
  • Memory Card
  • Notebook
  • Water
  • Light Snack
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Tripod optional

Thats it. this is a simple class teaching how to use your camera. There is no need for complicated equipment.

How to Sign up

Call and register with Queens College Center for Further Education. 677-7639

Remember seats are limited as we want to give you a one on one experience where you can ask all the questions you need to ensure you get it right. Seats often fill up fast so don’t delay.

Registration deadline is November 26, 2019