Flash Photography


When and How to use Flash Photography?

This is definitely a question that crosses our minds but many NEVER ask.  Using flash can be a scary thing especially when your not sure how it works.

What if I use too much light and it looks awful?

Will my picture still come out dark.

Will my subject look like a racoon caught in the headlights of an on coming car down the Airport road?

How do I avoid that red eye thing?

Why does this thing keep “POPPING UP?”

I remember when I first started experimenting with flash photography. Oh man those images were horrible. I mean straight out of a Stephen King photography horror movie horrible.

It wasn’t an easy thing to learn, shoots the camera alone had a ton of buttons I didn’t know and now I have to use the little pop up flash that didn’t seem to help much and to make it worse I tried using an external flash. Geesh even more buttons on this thing.

“Geesh even more buttons on this thing.”

Flash PhotographyFlash photography does not have to be so scary once you learn the basics. Our problem is we try to run a 100meter race before we can even crawl properly. Like everything else in life it takes time to learn and grow.

I know this is hard to swallow living in a computer generated matrix aware world. Everything is instant. So why cant I learn instantly? Sadly we cant jack in to the matrix and learn all we need to know in 5 seconds. Learning is the one thing we have take our time with.

Flash photography does not have to be scary, It’s just a matter of knowing your tools and Flash Photographyhow to effectively use them.  Built in camera flash vs pop up flash. Pop up flash vs attachable flash… In this Photography (Lighting) Workshop that is being held in conjunction with QC CFE is an extension of the Basics of Photography workshop.

You see…in order to understand how to light properly you really should learn the basics of shooting in manual mode and adjusting your exposure triangle to get your desired look. Without this knowledge you will struggle and take longer to understand how to use your flash

In this workshop we will teach you about using your pop up flash, its limitations and how to be creative with it. We will discuss off camera flashes and explain their functions and buttons.

Once we understand the tools we can get into learning how to use them. Adjusting power output, directional flash,  bounce flash, diffusers, light angles, how to avoid the dreaded red eye and super shadow. There is so many ways to use the flash to enhance your photography skills and we will discuss and practice them all.