Advice for Beginner Photographers – Top 6 tips.


Photography is a relatively easy art form to get into. With the tools becoming more accessible and cost efficient and learning skills has become easier with the advent of youtube. There have been a surge of new comers to the art of photography. Despite this many find themselves struggling with capturing great images. To this I give you my advice for beginner photographers which can be considered my top six photography tips.

Lets get started.

  • Equipment

Ill be blunt with this part. Equipment wont make you a better photographer and it wont take better photos.  This is not what most people like to hear but its true. The misconception is that if I get the latest most advanced camera it will improve the quality of my images. This isn’t so, its like saying if I trade in my wooden handle hammer for a composite metal handle with shock absorbing rubber and an angled head I will be able to build a better dog house.

I think you get the jist. The tool does not make the final result, you do. However if you are a skilled carpenter then a more advanced hammer can help you build faster and will less effort. Its the same with photography, you have to become a better photographer and use the tool of the camera to capture better images. As a photography friend says, it’s not the arrow its the Indian.

  •  Find a mentor

I cant stress this enough. Finding a mentor will boost your skills faster than using youtube or reading about photography. You need that feed back and the ability to ask questions and get responses easily. Its difficult to do that with a website. Also having a local mentor will help you to understand your location. You cant compare Seattle  photographers to Bahamian photographers. The rules, location and regulations are different in both places not to mention the weather.

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There are many photographers in the Bahamas that have skill and have been around the block a few times. The trick in finding one is to search out one who is well rounded in various genres of photography. The reason for this is because if you only focus lets say on portrait photography and a mentor that is good in that field, what happens when  you realize you don’t like portraiture but would prefer real estate photography? The two are different and your mentor will not be able to help you so now you will have to find a new mentor.

  • Learn the basics

There is no magic button on your camera to take amazing photos. If you learn the fundamentals of photography you can combine the technical with your internal art form to make great images. Get familiar with the Exposure Triangle, Composition, types of light and learn to develop your photographers eye.  You can learn a trick that will work some of the time but its those special times when tricks wont work and you need to know how to handle special situations or new issues.




  • Shoot every day

This sounds so simple but no matter how many times I say it and advise persons to do it. They don’t do it. Its more difficult than it seems. We often feel we need drive to a beautiful location and photograph lovely scenes or people. This is not so. Not all the time the weather your subject or where you are will be gorgeous, what will you do then. The most important part of photography is developing your photographer eye and a daily ritual is looking within 5 feet of your location or things to photograph. If you cant find something to capture then you know you need more practice on developing your photographers eye.

  • Change your thinking

When I say change your thinking, its primarily concerned with developing your photographers eye. We look at life from a sitting or standing posting so we think all images should come from these perspectives. I guess the best way for you to change your thinking is to ‘change your perspective’. Look at things from different angles, from higher from lower or from below. You will be amazed when you change your thinking of how a person or object should be viewed.

  • Experiment

When it comes to photography especially digital photography, experimentation can be your best teacher. Try different techniques try different locations, try different times of the day. This goes hand in hand with all of the other tips. Learn the basics, shoot every day, and change your thinking. Its all a big experiment. By experimenting you tend to learn more and you learn faster.

Photography can be a fun hobby or a rewarding business it all depends on you. My recommendation however is to focus on building a strong foundation. Don’t just stay stuck on one genre because you never know what will pique your interest in the future.

I hope these tips were helpful and all persons new to photography would take these tips seriously.  Leave comments below if you have any questions or have a story to tell. I would like to hear from you.