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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography here at Rashad Penn Photography includes Product Photography, Real Estate Photography, Food Photography and also Drink Photography. All of which I have honed my skills over the years to capture amazing images.

What is Commercial photography? Commercial photos are images of items or people that are used to sell a product or service. Developing a portfolio of images for your business helps you to Market and Advertise to your potential clients without saying a word, because a good photo is worth a thousand words.

Contact me and lets set up a free consultation to discuss your commercial needs for your business and how I can help grow your business.

Food Photography

The capture of food for your restaurant, your hand made food product or images for advertising can all be developed and captured under food photography. Food pictures are designed to entice your customers to visit your restaurant and taste your food and creations.

Real Estate Photography

Increase your bookings for vacation rental properties or double your chances of a quick and seamless sale of your real estate. Which ever your preference Real Estate photos are the best way for potential buyers to know what you have to offer, see it without being on site and make a decision to buy. Professional real estate pictures sell on average more sales than unprofessional photos.

Product Photography

Product photography includes any item used to portray a lifestyle or use of that particular product to your customers. Product images are the best way to tell a story of your product and to stand out among the competition to ensure that customers know what to look for.

Drink Photography

Freelance bartenders, wine sellers, spirits distributors, beer and wine makers alike all need to have their products captured in a unique way that maximizes the selling factor of their product. This is what Drink Photography is all about, having amazing conceptual and descriptive drink pictures will boost your sales and awareness of your drink in the market place.

Great real estate photographer. I’ve used others but none compares to Mr. Penn

Barclay Widerski

Good work very professional.

Conor Gibson

Great photographer, I’m glad I was able to find him online.

Coriss Ambady

About Me

Rashad Penn photography

Hello! I’m Rashad Penn. I’m a commercial photographer based in New Providence the Bahamas, aka Nassau. I capture images that convey messages to their intended audience. This is the essence of a commercial photographer.

Thank you for visiting Rashad Penn Photography. I’m primarily a commercial photographer located in the Bahamas which pretty much means I help businesses grow and advertise their business with photos of their product or concepts of their services offered.

The genres I work in are Real estate photography, food photography, product photography and drink photography. I help realtors sell homes with detailed, crisp and clean real estate photos while I also assist Vacation Rental homeowners get more bookings by producing welcoming images of their properties. I  work with jewelry makers to capture true-to-form one to one replication of their handmade jewelry items.

With a little consultation I can help boost your e-commerce website by creating stand out images on white background for your product listings or clipping path cut out images for fliers and advertisements.
No matter your commercial business photography needs I am here to sit and discuss your goals and work with you to help achieve them through high quality imagery.

So… browse the site… check out my work and when you are done send me an email to book your date for your FREE consultation to develop your photo session. Don’t delay as dates book faster than you may think.

Find out more about my background HERE

I look forward to working with you very soon.

My Working Process



Let’s sit down and discuss your photography needs. the final look and usage of your images.



Plan and schedule your session to capture the images we discussed during the consultation.



Enhance the images to ensure they meet the discussed standard needed to achieve your image goals.



Review the entire process to ensure images are properly prepared and delivered to you in the right format.

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