In this journey we call life, there are events that are new to us but not everyone experience. In my personal life I have had a few… not a good many new experiences but none more than being married and now expecting a combination of two persons in the gift of a new born child. Its new, its a bit scary and at the same time its all very exciting.

Initially as a photographer I was not as excited to capture images as most persons may be. However I knew I wanted something to hang on my wall eventually. The thought did cross my mind to capture images myself but that thought didn’t last very long.

When it comes to photography I do take it serious, so much so that I prefer another photographer capture my images so that I can focus on being myself while they do their thing. So who does a photographer call when they want photos? Well its actually based on relationships rather than looking a ‘good’ photographer. There are many good photographers out there, many I know but I don’t know personally. When it comes to work that I will print and put on my wall. I need to know a little about you as a photographer.

Planning this gender reveal was not as hard as most may think. My wife selected some nice shirts for us to wear, I matched it with a background that I know would allow us to stand out and then called up a personal friend to capture our images.

Here is where it became hard for me. I have really good relationships with a good many photographers and some more than others so my dilemma became, who will I call? I discussed it with my wife and she looked at me with that look of ‘are you serious?’ Who else will we call other than our good friend Warren.

Warren Grant Photography is his business name and we have been back and forth for a while with clients and helping each other out. I do this with other photographer friends but I didn’t even get a chance to ask him when he just blurted out “ok when we doing the shoot?” I guess that’s how friends are.

Fast forward to our scheduled date. We had it all planned. The shirts were ready, we contacted Mrs. Cash of Billows Balloon Bar to make an all black balloon with the writing similar to the shirt and inside the color confetti and smaller ball0ons of the baby gender. Pink for a girl Blue for a boy.

We were ready and set, everyone was on time and being the close friends that we are Jeff and Guilden were invited but Guilden was traveling and could not make it. Our mothers were there all waiting to find out what is the gender.

We were taking a few shots getting ready when the Balloon arrived, so I step off to get it. We were not ready to pop the balloon so I took it and placed it in my vehicle for safe keeping. Back in front the camera we continued to get a few more shots then it happened…

BOP!!! I knew what it was, I knew it was the balloon and our entire shoot was ruined. In my car was confetti everywhere. we all looked in shock except my mother in law she was most excited because it was PINK.

Mixed emotions, thats all I can say. Happy for the reveal but we really wanted to capture our expressions when we popped that balloon. Now we have nothing except the actual scan that we gave to Warren sealed.

While we were trying to figure out how to salvage this session there some secret things going on in the background. Warren called me to the other side of his vehicle and what did I see?

A cake… its a cake with a baby girl feet, diapers and dress.

They got me… they really got me so much that it made me cry. Yea yea i cried dont make a big deal about it. We didnt expect it at all so it was really awesome. We are simple people that dont like to make a fuss about much so we appreciate the little things in life.  Here we were disappointed about the photos and now we have this. I enjoyed this day and will remember it even tell my daughter about it because now I have the photos to prove it.

We had a family affair. Warren and his family, my family and our friends. What more could we want. Its a great story.

So I didn’t get my photo for my wall but I have more than enough images for a photo album. All well that ends well but it didn’t end there.

My Baby Gender Reveal – Part 2