My Baby Gender Reveal – Photo Shoot part 2

My Baby Gender Reveal – Photo Shoot part 2

No it wasn’t over.

Although we had a great time, I came home and looked at the images I have on the wall. I wanted my photo.

Shortly after I called Mrs Cash from Billows Balloon Bar and requested she make another balloon. We were going to do a re shoot.

Called up Warren and asked if he can do a quick shoot with us and just like that we were on for Take 2. That weekend we all got together in the same location. This time however the plan was much simpler.

Arrive at location, set up lighting situation, take a few shots to make sure we were ready. When Mrs Cash came with the balloon it was straight from her vehicle to the photo spot and we get on with it. (mission impossible sound)

Okay the day arrived. We knew what we all needed to do. We left the house well in advance just to make sure no one took our spot. Warren arrived pretty much the same time, we knew what needed to be done. Picked out the spot, set up the gear and now we just have to wait for Mrs Cash and the balloon.

Less than 10 minutes she came right on schedule and this time we were ready. nervous but ready. We really wanted this image, no pressure to warren but I knew he could handle it. We were ready.

We were in position, Mrs Cash was recording on her phone, Warren was focused and ready and I stood with the needle in hand. We got this. We took a few shots of the writing on the balloon and I must say Mrs Cash did a fantastic job of putting this together love her work.

We were so nervous that something may happen that we both were standing apart from each other focused on the balloon. This is why you have a professional photographer. Warren talked us down to relaxing a but and having fun. Everything was ok we are set.

The first needle prick barely dented the balloon. This thing was tough so I went at it again. BOP!! the breeze was blowing the confetti flew the pink balloons blew and we got our reactionary shot for our wall.

It was done we got it.

This is how important photography is to me. Its a moment in time frozen that will bring back memories and feelings of that day that time that event. Its that powerful.

We got our Baby gender reveal photos. It took two tries but we got far more than we bargained for.



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rashadpenn: Rashad Penn is a photographer, Teacher, Ad man and amateur blogger based in the Bahamas.

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