You know what Boiled my Blue Hole?


I went into an establishment to pick up some papers. I’m on my lunch break so I don’t have a whole lot of time.

The security officer lets me in the establishment, I walked up to the receptionist desk but the receptionist is on the company phone and her mobile phone at the same time.

No not talking on both but talking on the land phone and watching a video on her mobile phone. Not to be rude I stood looking at her waiting for her to stop on of her activities to find out what I want. (note she is sitting upright so she saw me enter the building and walk up to her)

After a few seconds I felt weird standing there so I looked at my watch as a gesture and watched the second hand tick away.




That’s how long it took her to stop talking long enough to ask “Can I help You?”

Me – Yes you can I came for a package for Mr.XXX

Lady -” Ok hold on” – Then proceeded to continue to talk to her friend about this video she was watching.

Now lets break right here for a back track story.

When I walked into the building I could hear the tv playing, News was on about trump and the gun situation in America, and I also could hear the high pitch sound of a video being played on a mobile device. It was a preacher shouting and the congregation responding with the usual ‘that’s right preacher’. So now we all know what was going on with her loud conversation.

Back to where I left off. As she continued to talk to her friend

Lady – Chile I don’t see why he had to say that…mmmmm thats just wicked.

Me – As I lean forward onto the desk and clear my throat loudly to get her attention and that I’m piercing into your soul right now woman.

Lady – Oh the courier hasn’t brought that by yet” as she looks at me with the side of her eye and her body is turned to the right of me.

Me – “Ok is there a way to contact him to see where he is”

Lady ” Yeah” and proceeds to laugh at whatever her friend says on the phone.

Me – “Can you find out for me if its not to much trouble”

Lady – Sigh as she looks at me with devil eyes as if im bothering her from her important conversation.

So instead of telling her friend she will call her back she says to her friend “hold on leme make this call for this man”





Miss you one atom away from me tripping out on you, you betta get…hmmmph Ofcourse this is what was running through my mind all the while with a smile on my face.

Anyway long story short she went into the next office to call the courier, instead of calling her friend back. Then comes back and says “he bout 15 minutes away”

Alot more happened during that 15 minutes but for now I will leave that story for another time.