Mobile Photography while on Vacation Part 1

If you dont know by now that I practice what I preach and only talk about what I know and am sure about then you must be new to this news feed. Ive been advocating mobile photography for years now and actively have gotten a few of my die hard DSLR photo buddies to follow suit. Its just fun. With the advancement in technology, camera phones have come a long way.  In fact so far that major news companies receive their images from photographers with Iphones.


Why Mobile Photography?


Simply put…its just remarkably convenient. Getting into the swing of things was not always an easy task. I wrote about using your smart phone camera while on vacation Mobile Photographyrather than taking a DSLR with you. Sadly as you know after my 2017 system hack and failure I lost all that information. No need to worry however I will rewrite them. A word to the wise. Always back up and always keep a back up offline.


When I first heard of a new app that came out back in 2010 call Instagram I wasnt to hip nor excited about it. Then it kept showing up in my online surfing. Sadly at the time the app was only available to Apple users of the Iphone. I was able to follow its growth on other websites and saw how persons were using at the time. Even back then I knew this was going to be big.


Android and Mobile Photography


At the time android devices didnt have much of an installed camera Apple was leading the charge in this regard so I had little to work with. I used a Blackberry Torch at the time and boy did I experiment with that camera. I even took the time to carry out a photoshoot with it.


Mobile photography When rumors started to surface that Instagram will be released on the Android platform soon I decided it was time to switch over to the Samsung brand which at the time was a leading competitor in the Android platform. 2012 rolled around and soon Instagram was at my finger tips sadly I didnt know what to do. At the time Instagram was filled with selfie images, what Im having for lunch and me and my buddies type images. That was to personal for me to post. I sat and watched the platform for a year to figure out the best way I could use it.


My first image upload using mobile photography came early December 2013. I posted and waited I think I got 3 likes at the time. I didnt know what I was doing, over time i got used to it. I aslo got used to using my cell phone as a camera. the problem however was that I captured way more images than I uploaded to Instagram.


In time I found that when ever I went on vacation, taking my DSLR became a hassle. Choosing which lens to take, deciding on how to pack the camera so as to not get damaged. then finally when im on vacation i stuck out like a sore thumb with a clunky camera as if to say hey everyone look at me im a tourist. There had to be a better way, and I found a solution Why not use my mobile phone while on vacation…


So Ive done it before on a trip to Abaco and now I decided to do it again on a longer trip with more at stake.


Mobile photography on vacation
Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

Enter the 2017 Photo Challenge. Travel and take great photos with only my mobile phone. Is it possible to capture great images while on vacation or will I be doomed to lug my DSLR around with me? We are about to find out.


Lets get started, click here to follow the challenge.

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