Mobile photography while on vacation challenge part 3


Mobile Photography
Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

I had been to cozumel before and the last time I came I was unable to travel to see the Mayan Ruins. Its a long trip from the ship so it becomes an all day excursion. Research told me to forgo this excursion and to see the ruins in Costa Maya instead. As it was a shorter excursion. So while in Cozumel it was time for some street photography and to really put my skills to the test with this mobile photography challenge.

I must admit things had changed since I last visited the port. We hopped in a taxi and headed to the shopping areas. Walking around we saw a few street performers break

Mobile Photography Cozumel Mexico
Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

dancing so again such a great subject to capture

The surrey rides and guitar singer/players are located at every block. Vendors peddling their merchandise to all tourist passing by. While they hassle others I take photos, its seems less obtrusive to use my mobile phone that to have a DSLR in hand of which I bring attention to myself whenever I place it to my eye to capture a moment.  Persons pay me no mind which left me free to capture images as I felt compelled.

We visited the park purchased a few items and continued our walk along the busy streets. My mobile photography skills are certainly growing. I think Im turning into a travel photographer or even a street photographer. It was absolutely fun.


Once our Cozumel trip was over we returned to the ship and awaited departure to our next destination but it would not be so easy. Later that evening at sea the captain advised that the seas were extremely rough and he will do his best to make it to our next stop. Things seemed bleak and my Mayan ruin visit and Costa Maya looked as if it was about to be

canceled. As I feared the captain came on in the wee hours of the morning advising the passengers that he was unable to dock at Costa Maya due to the rough seas and made the call to keep everyone safe and return to the port of Miami. My second trip to see the Mayan ruins were ruined by bad weather.

We remained at sea for the remainder of the trip rocking back and fourth.

Mobile Photography
Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

Persons became seasick but I was to upset to be sick hence I kept my appetite. This then gave me more time to find images on board the ship to capture and there were many. Well mainly food and drinks, what else was there to do on a ship for three days at sea? It was to rough to enjoy and activity so we roamed the ship talking with passengers and staff, eating, drinking and practicing my mobile photography skills.

Finally on the third day coming closer to Miami we caught a break and the seas were calmer. The Staff used this opportunity to entertain us to the max and boy did they entertain us. From shows to dance offs and singalongs comedy and even discounted shopping far below their normal prices.  Although the one thing I wanted to see I was unable I must admit it was yet a good trip.


Once we disembarked from the ship we were of the few who did not suffer from sea sickness but we could not escape land sickness. Oh its just terrible. Although your on solid ground it still felt as if we were rocking on the high seas. This lasted about a full day as once we were able to sleep for a few hours it wore off.

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