Photo challenge accepted – Mobile photography on vacation.


Travel and take great photos with only my mobile phone.

Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

The vacation – Travel from Nassau the Bahamas, to Ft Lauderdale Florida, Drive down to Miami Florida and catch a cruise ship to Cozumel Mexico and Costa Maya Mexico. Return to Miami visit a few places and drive up to Ft Lauderdale and return home to Nassau.

Seems easy enough lets see how the first leg went.


Nassau – Ft Lauderdale – Miami


I wanted a way to post my images on social media but being a private person I had to be careful of what I post. Even more so I didnt want every detail of my trip to be a part of the virtual world forever. So I had two options at my disposal. Either I showcase my trip via Snapchat or via Instagram Stories.

I opted for the latter…Instagram Stories. I did this for a few reason that I will not discuss at this time as Im still getting used to the Snapchat platform especially with all the filters I cant find a sensible use for it and my business although Im working on a few things.


Travel to the airport

Mobile photography on vacation
Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

The ride to the airport was easy enough and it gave my first chance to try out this vacation

mobile photography. It was rather foggy in the early morning so I took my first photos for the challenge.


At the airport and ready to go.


Im still amazed at how aircraft achieve flight. Its like its magic. No im not an uncivilized baboon I worked as an air traffic controller for over 10 years I know the science behind flight but to see such huge craft take flight is simply amazing. For this I find i still have a habit of giving the safety card a once over…Just in case.

I love the window seat, You just never know what you will see outside the window. The various blues of the Bahamian waters dotted by uniquely shaped islands or a massive city indicative of a massive population and technology. I was getting the hand of this mobile photography business.


The Arrival


Arrival at the Ft lauderdale airport was smooth gathering our luggage was easy enough we


Mobile Photography on Vacation
Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

didn’t particularly take any. It was also a shopping trip. We went about our business without having a clue that roughly 20-30 minutes after we left the terminal there would be a devastating shooting.  Family tried to contact us to ensure we were all ok but our phones were having issues switching over to a network. Thank goodness for wireless and the old Whats App.

us but we were on a mission. We had shopping to do for the trip so we put it out of our minds but seeing heavily clad police officers brought those thoughts back to mind. It was a long day but we got all that we needed for the next leg of our trip and to continue my mobile photography challenge.  It was late when we got to the hotel Just enough time to shower eat and sleep.


Headed to Miami


The next leg of our trip started mid morning with a drive down to Miami Harbour. We

Photos captured with Mobile Phone while on Vacation and traveling.

were headed on the cruise ship. Still feeling a bit tired from the day before we continued on in excitement to the harbour. I was able to capture a few shots along the way, feels good to be chauffeured.

Once we had boarded the ship we were all able to relax a little and take in the sights. The Miami skyline, other cruise ships cars passing by but all our minds were on the building storm clouds wondering will we followed by a storm out at sea?

Read about the voyage and our first stop at Cozumel Mexico.




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