Every year I hear talk about this event called transforming spaces. It seemed like an event I would never be invited to and it was not something that was for a photographer or for that matter any regular person.

WOW! boy was I wrong.

Transforming spaces, my experience.

I was hired to cover the transforming spaces event of 2015. I have heard of it before and many of the artist involved I also knew or knew of them. So without hesitation I accepted.  All that I truly knew of this event was that there were artist who showcased their artistic talent to enthusiast and they make a few sales in the process. I did not know it was an actual ART TOUR.

I was invited to the opening party at Hillside house the day before the weekend art tour. It was a blast to see so many of my fellow artistic friends and art lovers and buyers in one place all having fun. The atmosphere was relaxed and joyous as we enjoyed each others conversations, with some good drinks and food. Oh and the live band was simply spectacular.

The next day was the first day for the tour. Meeting across from Long Wharf I was expecting maybe a handful of persons who would be transported to a location and within an hour or so my job would be done. After more and more vehicles began to arrive I soon changed my thoughts of expectation and left my mind blank and open to uncover what goes on during a Transforming Spaces Tour.  The photos I capture will be from the eyes of a new person experiencing this event for the first time.

Transforming Spaces 2015

As the parking lot soon filled a long line of buses arrived as well, I think there were about 5 or 6 in total. All were given a color which corresponded to the ticket you bought. Red, yellow, orange, purple and a few others.
Transforming Spaces 2015

I was on the yellow bus. Our tour guide to this experience was local emerging artist June Collie.  I have known of Ms Collie work through Facebook so I was familiar with her. She gave us updates of each location that we were about to visit. Our first stop was to be Popop Studios in Chippingham.

Transforming Spaces 2015

Popop Studios is a hidden gem among the homes in the area. High walls with picket fencing and tall trees pretty much hide this interesting building. The property is much larger that it originally seems from the outside and its like stepping into another dimension once you pull into the drive way.Transforming Spaces 2015We were greeted by the curator of popop studios and given a little history of the property and how it evolved and was transformed.

The artwork inside the gallery was unique and different. We had discussions among ourselves about the work as since the artist themselves were there we were able to ask them questions about their work.

When our time was up our tour guide gathered everyone together as we all enjoyed conversation on the porch while snacking on a platter of fruits. Soon we were off to our next gallery stop. The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

Transforming Spaces 2015On the bus the we were all in high spirits being entertained talking and laughing together in between our travels.

Transforming Spaces 2015At the NAGB our group was divide into two as there were two exhibitions ongoing, one outside and one inside.

On the outside was an architectural design and on the inside was a reconstruction of the inside of an old Bahamian home. Here again we were greeted with a platter of fruits and drinks of which we again partook and discussed on the porch until our time had ended.

We were soon off to our next location at Hillside House, Downtown where we were greeted by the artist Antonius Roberts.

Transforming Spaces 2015The staff at the Hillside house was open and welcoming assisting wherever they can.

Transforming Spaces 2015We walked about the yard which was filled with wood carvings and interesting potted plants along with jewelry makers that were very engaging. On the inside the artist stood by their work ready and willing to answer any questions we had for them. The sheetrock/gypsum art was amazing.

At this location coffee was served and we were allowed to keep the mugs. It was still early morning so we helped ourselves to freshly brewed coffee as we walked about the yard discussing the art work. As usual our time was up and we were off to our next location. The Liquid Courage Gallery in Palmdale.

Transforming Spaces 2015


I did not know there was an art gallery in this building however wine and art does go together pretty well. We were greeted by the artist and given some information on the company and the works being displayed.

Transforming Spaces 2015

Soon we were all scattered about taking a closer look at the techniques used in each art work from a photograph of a sea fan combined with the body of a woman to surreal hand painted art and silk painting patterns and a collage of tid bits of everyday items to make a statement it was all interesting to look at and discuss.

One of the discussions I had a lady said to me, the thing about art is that each piece has its own voice. you dont have to know anything about art to enjoy it you either like it or you don’t. Some things will be repulsive and confusing to you but others will just draw you in and give you a feeling.  She was right…you don’t need to know much about art to enjoy the works of others especially when the artist is there to answer any of your questions.  Soon we were all in the foyer enjoying some delicious crab/conch cakes that were gone in a matter of minutes while sipping on sparkling wine.  I think you realize by now that the appetizers provided were much a part of the art and well enjoyed by all.  We were soon off to our next location Doongalik Studios on Village road.

Transforming Spaces 2015We were greeted by Pam Burnside at Doongalik as she welcomed us and gave us an overview of the location and introduced on of the exhibiting artist.

On the inside of the gallery we were again given more information about the location the artist and the event transformings spaces and allowed to view the artwork and meet the artist.

The wood turning technique was the highlight of this tour. The work is one that is nearly impossible to describe but you have to see it with your own eyes. From one angle it looks like slats cut into wood but from another angle it reveals some shape or that is familiar.

The gallery was all abuzz with a farmers market that we enjoyed a few of their items but also the fruit platter that was available. Our time ran out quickly at this location because there was so much going on. Soon we were back on the bus headed to our last gallery D’Aguilar Art Foundation Downtown Nassau.

Transforming Spaces 2015

Inside this nicely painted and designed building is the D’Aguilar Art Foundation. Here we were introduced to a few artist displaying for transforming spaces. I was particularly amazed at the wall mural. We are all in the same boat the artist said. Great work. Inside we met the Petit brothers and was given an overview of the work on display entitled Hatianary

At this location it was a welcomed end to an awesome tour, how did they know I have such a sweet tooth. The lemon mini cupcakes along with the brownies and other sweet baked cakes was a welcomed boost. Oh there were sandwiches and drink but I went straight to the sweets.

I was unable to attend the closing party on sunday night but now I know what I will do next year the same time. Great fun, good food, happy people, talented artist and amazing art work what more can you ask for.

To find out more about Transforming spaces you can visit their Facebook page for updates or visit their website Transforming Spaces.

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