Bahamas Photo Shorts- Mobile Photography – Sunset Boat

In this episode of Bahama Photo Shorts I discus using the zoom on you mobile phone. I normally don’t suggest zooming as it degrades your overall image but because of the distance of my subject I thought it best to show what happens when you zoom in. I bet you didn’t know how you image gets pixelated in mobile photography.

Sunsets are great times to capture images. The colors are so vibrant and depending on the time of year you can get various colors from a bright yellow to a deep red in the sky.  Keep these tips in mind the next time you see a gorgeous sunset or if there is a subject far away from you.


I hope the audio wasn’t to distracting. It was a windy day and it was blowing through my speaker causing that deep rustling sound.

Take a look at the images I captured from this shoot and leave a comment below on how you may have captured such and image or ask a question.


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