Food Photography


Food Photographers are tasked the the job of making food look amazingly appetizing and appealing to the viewer. This is not an easy task as it often requires a team of specialist to capture the right image.

A typical food photography session often includes an art director a photographer a food stylist and assistants. This team of people work together to organize the food in a way that is most appealing and to convey a message to the viewer.

Often the persons who hire this team are expecting their images to be posted in magazines, cookbooks, as promotional materials for a restaurant or on their website. In the Bahamas there is a lack of an art director and food stylist hence the food photographer has to become the individual with all the skills needed to develop the proper images.

The ultimate purpose of food pictures is to stimulate the senses of the viewer to almost smell and taste the food they are viewing on a piece of paper. To create such food photos require consultation and planing with a concept in mind for the overall food images.

Whether you are a chef, a restaurant owner, a food magazine publicist or marketer for a food company having the right food photos matter greatly to your overall bottom line and customer base.

Food photography is not  just about the food but understanding the texture, color, shape and overall design of the food that the photographer has to capture. To capture amazing food photos the photographer has to have an understanding of the individual food or dish, its ability to remain fresh and how to capture the details though proper styling.

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