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Yes. As the website address states Rashad Penn Photography, this work is personal to me and I ensure that I capture your images myself.

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Once you photo session is completed, your images are uploaded to my secure server and you are sent an invite to view and select your top images. This time depends on the amount of products, the difficulty of photographing the item/s and any special adjustments that may be needed. You will be advised of updates throughout the entire process.

Once we have met for your free consultation, we can discuss the usage and look of your products. Depending on your request there may be some props that will be needed and you many be required to provide them. In many cases however you will need only to prepare your products for photographing.

Yes. It may not seem so but there are some very important matters that we will have to discuss to ensure your property is ready to be photographed. However we can contact each other via phone instead of person to person.

Unfortunately no. Photography is not an exact science, each session is and will be different from the next. Because of this there are often images that do not display your images in the best light due to technical issues or interruptions. You will receive the images that best shows your product in a manner that you requested. All other images are dis-guarded.

Yes. For product, Jewelry and Food Photography it is often required that you are present to ensure that your product is being photographed properly. For Real Estate Photography you can also be present however out of area that is being shot and with minimal interruptions. This is purely optional however I understand that its often best to know what is going on.

Payment can be made on the website via Paypal, Credit Card or Paid in person. Payment in person however may result in delays of booking your set date. It is best to discuss your preferred method of payment during consultation.

Consultation can be carried out in three ways.

  1. We meet at a public place such as Starbucks to sit and discuss your photo session.
  2. We can talk via phone for minor sessions
  3. We can meet on the web via Skype, goto meeting or whats app.

Free Consultation

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