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Rashad Penn Photography Drink Photos

Similar to food photography, drink photography falls in the same category. It’s a specialized genre of photography that focuses on photographing drinks such as wine, beer and other soft drinks.

The capture of drink photos takes a bit of a unique set up for each shoot. This is because the photographer has to take into account reflective surfaces of the bottles or glass that the drink is in.

Most often beer or wine manufactures use a drink photographer to capture drink photos to advertise their product to their customer base. From this you will often see retail stores such as your common liquor store use these same images to inform their customers of the items they offer.

In bar tending for upscale bars, specialized drinks are often styled in a way to showcase either the ingredients of the drink or to convey the feeling of tasting a nice cold one of a kind beverage.

Drink photography, drink photos, drink pictures or beverage images are all the same aspect of this type of photography.

My particular process is to discuss the end usage of your drink images to come up with a way to photograph and convey the message behind the images. Advertising, promotional, billboard or even for your website or magazine. What ever you needs I’m sure we can create something magnificent together.

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