Bahamas Commercial Photography


How I took multiple images and made one Bahamian commercial advertising photo.

Bahamas commercial photographer

Besides the fact that the images I used to make this one image were taken months between them I had an idea of what I wanted to make long before the first image was taken.

Bahamas commercial photographer

Initially I had captured an image of an empty dock with hopes to use it later for a composite image.

Being a commercial photographer in the Bahamas means that I can take advantage of beach scenes and or images that city photographers do not have access to. The idea of a composite image is to blend images together to look as if they were all taken on location. This is done more than you think in advertising photography.

Bahamas commercial photographer

The next option is to photography the subject which in this case was a beer bottle. In the studio I must simulate the lighting that was on the scene initially. This type of light matching should be a cinch for a commercial photographer that has some level of experience. It takes multiple images to capture the right image that will blend nicely. For this shoot I took over 20 images just to get the right lighting blended together that will work best.

Once all the images were captured the hard part begins. Taking all the images and blend them all together to until the image I originally envisioned comes together.

There were obviously many more steps than were mentioned in this article but the point remains being a commercial photographer requires lots of time and some degree of skill to make images that make its intended viewers not only enjoy the image but can convince them to go and purchase the product.

Please take note that I was not commissioned by pirate republic to make this image. This is purely a personal project designed for teaching purposes.


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