How to take better Images of your Products – On a Budget

On a Budget DIY Product Photography   Ok so you make your own products for sale. That’s awesome, its great to be…

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What is Beverage Photography?

What is Beverage Photography?   This is a valid question especially when its the first time your hearing it. Well its quite…

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Simplified Jewelry Photography

Simplified Jewelry Photography The reality of having your jewelry photographed ‘looking all beautiful’ in a nice location in all honesty may not…

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The creative process behind concept product photography?

What is concept product photography? Well when you break down the words in the phrase it makes more sense. Concept – A…

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Why you’re failing to sell your jewelry on Facebook – jewelry Photography

Why you’re failing to sell your Jewelry on Facebook I often visit Facebook pages of potential clients, mainly as a yard stick…

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The Making of a commercial photography advertisement

Bahamas Commercial Photography   How I took multiple images and made one Bahamian commercial advertising photo. Besides the fact that the images…

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